Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May Day!

The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together. -Shakespeare
The LYS sponsored a Knit Out this past Saturday at the Farmer's Market. We had so much fun. There was a huge turnout, and
there were all kinds of things going on. I carried my usual socks. They are portable and easy to manage in public. But some people brought large projects to work on. Jane finished her "holey" thing that she is wearing in San Antonio this week. Another lady brought a ruana that she was making. It was chilly and I was wishing for something that big to cover my legs. I met two older ladies from Virginia visiting a relative here. They are originally from Munich, Germany, and still had very distinct accents. The one came up to me and announced she did not knit the same way I did. I showed her that I can knit both ways, especially on a sock. So we started talking. Neither of them uses patterns, they have them in their heads. It is a marvelous thing to know how to knit without patterns. Americans, I find, want something dazzling, new, exciting, bling-bling, kow-pow, and they need designers and patterns to do that. A lot of older Europeans I have met know the basic, traditional ways of knitting a sock, a cardigan, a pullover, a hat, etc. They don't need patterns.
Sunday I went to the Ouachita Mountains to look for yellow lady slipper orchids. It is a little bit early, but we chanced it. I went with a friend who knows where every species of wild orchids are hidden in the state. We stopped at a tiny little original prairie on the way. It is a little early for the show there. There were the usual phlox, blue-eyed grass, false dandelions, and something I could not identify since the flowers had not opened. To get to the orchids, you have to know where the bogs are. Then you muck through green briars, poison ivy, and all kinds of deterrents (like snakes, ticks, etc.). The flowers are so spectacular. I tried to post a picture, but somehow it goes up to the top of the post. I am new to this, so forgive me. I haven't figured this out yet. There were also jack-in-the-pulpit and false solomon seal blooming.
I did take my traveling sock with me and got several rows knit while on the interstate and through towns. But once we were out in the woods, back in the bag goes sock-y.
We had a small group at our Monday Night Knit Club. Sue brought her new little puppy, Cedar. She is a golden retriever, and looks like the camp puppy on the ad that sings for Frontline or Advantage. One of those. Cedar is precious-what more can you say.
If anyone actually finds this post, can you tell me why I cannot find my post by typing in my name on Blog Search? I emailed google, but no reply. I found the first one by hitting Last Hour yesterday. It is a mystery. I am still trying to figure out the picture thing. I will have to ask some of my knitting buddies about this.

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