Saturday, May 26, 2007

Llama wool makes the best pillow!

I found Noodles asleep this morning face down in the llama wool. I couldn't pass this up. He was worn out after killing the frog that I found in the floor. It is too cute!

It has been trying to be sunny, but occasionally the clouds overcome. With the sun comes the humidity!

I bought a salt/mineral block for Buddy. Well, the deer are enjoying it also. That I expected. But this morning I saw three crows around the block. I never thought of birds needing a salt block. How do birds maintain their electrolytes? Do they eat mud? It is a puzzle that needs to be explored.

I saw that the American Museum of Natural History is running an exhibit on mythical creatures, specifically dragons, unicorns, and mermaids. What? You mean these creatures are mythical? What about dragons- aren't they real? Well, maybe to some people they aren't real.

I started knitting on the pink tank top. I decided to be accurate and measure it again! I put it on the end of the ironing board, since it is being knit in the round. Laying it on the floor or table does not give me an accurate measurement. Well, the accurate measurement is depressing. Am I ever going to finish this thing? It makes me determined to knit, knit, knit, and get the damn thing finished. Whew!

I mentioned I started the socks again. Sock #1 is coming along well. I am happier with this new sock than I was with the old sock. I am happy I ripped it out and started over. Sometimes it needs to be done. It feels good to me - that this is going to be the right sock.

I am also thinking about another sewing project. And another felting project. We will see. If the sun will stay out for a coupla days, I can wash wool. Or I can dye some wool. Wow! The possibilities are endless. Isn't it fun to be involved in too many projects all at once?

It is Memorial Day weekend. Which means zilch to me since I am still unemployed. It is a time I used to go places. But you know, the price of gas sucks! It really puts a crimp in my style. But I can stay home and do stuff. I mean- I do not have to go somewhere to be entertained.

Speaking of entertainment- have we decided to not have TV any more? All my fav shows are over for the season. I keep hearing Jericho was not renewed. Then someone else says the network renewed them. Then another person says not. I have a while to wait until History Detectives comes on for the summer. So this is a time to get things done. I WILL NOT watch the stupid pirate reality show. Can we please do away with the reality shows? What will people do for greed? Maybe we could have a knitting reality show. Let's see. Turn knitters loose in a big yarn shop. Give them a project. See who can figure out what yarn they can use, how much to use, what gauge to use, what kind of needles to use, whoops! that knitter got a deduction because they decided to knit a pair of socks in addition to the project chosen, oh-let's take this outside and let the whole world watch the knitter's knit in the park, this could be an interesting show!

Well, have a good weekend! Off to knit-or wash wool-or dye-or sew-or something!


Kathy said...

I loved History Detectives last season...I'm glad you mentioned it so I can be on the look-out for it.

Covered In Yarn said...

I like the idea for your reality show Juliann! Can I sign up? I must say, we just signed up for the extended cable package and it's amazing that with 800+ channels that there's still nothing on! But I will also admit that I am oddly intregued by people who think that they are pirates...I think I will watch an episode or so, if for only the purpose of making me feel a bit on the normal side. I miss you guys sooooo much!