Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I should never jinx the rain. We always have such a drought in the mid-late summer, and we are always complaining about -No Rain! But here it is-3rd week in May- and it is 65 degrees and raining- again! Time to make soup!

Anyway-the foxes have moved to taking over everything, except in the house-yet! The cats are spooked again. Yesterday Baby did not come home until very late evening. I, of course, had spent the day looking for kitty bodies on the road, calling, and calling. This morning I heard her using the litter box. My two cats NEVER use the litter box, unless it is snow up to their bellies or icy or really, pouring, soaking rain. So she is spooked. I saw her watching out the bedroom window, and I got down to her level and looked out. There was a fox eating what I guessed to be a rabbit. Right close by the window.

My friend came over Sunday to try on the sock that I had stopped knitting on until he came by. I was just not feeling right about this sock. Sure enough-it did not fit right. He kept telling me not to rip it out since I had done so much on it. Obviously this is not a knitter. So after he left, I ripped it out and started over. I actually found my old booklet from the 1940's for socks, and I am using a basic pattern in there. I think sometimes we have to go back to the basic things and do it right. No fancy sock here. Just plain ole sock. Luckily, I am using a very good sock yarn that is forgiving that I had to rip it out. It just goes to show why it is so important to use good yarn. I LOVE good yarn! Especially wool.

I have been having visions again of ideas for sewing. I think it is because I know it is going to get HOT soon, and I do not knit very much when I am HOT! I never use my air conditioner unless it is really, really, unbearable. That is usually from about 11a.m. to 5 p.m.

I just got two rejections for the jobs I applied for. It really puts me in a mood. I could not go to the knit group last night. I went by the LYS and talked to Joy and Colleen. But I could not stay for the group meeting. I stayed home and watched Dancing With the Stars. It will finally be over tonight. It is a show that I can knit and watch. Tonight there is a Tom Selleck movie. I can probably catch up the sock tonight.

So I am going to make a pot of soup. I am going to fill out more applications. And on and on and on.

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