Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Today, December 25, 2013, is Christmas Day on our Christian calendar.  It is a quiet day.  After talking to a few friends and family and viewing my texts, it has been a day of not doing a lot.  Supper is in the oven.

I watched a video that my brother sent to me.  I got one row of my medieval sweater knitted.  I fed all the animals.  That's it.  Not a lot.

Happy and Merry Christmas to all.  May the Light of this Season shine over the world and bring peace, joy, and love.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice!

There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
                                                                                               -Edith Wharton

Today is Winter Solstice!  It is really the beginning of winter in this hemisphere.  I know, I know, we had that dreadful snow/ice/freezing rain/sleet event that stayed on the ground for over a week!  That was only a tease from our mother the earth to remind us of who is in control.

I always begin each day after this with the idea that each day is longer than the day before.  By February I am really sick of gray, gloomy icky days.  I long for warmth and sunlight.  By March I can hardly contain myself.  Wouldn't one think that after all these years of habitual behavior I would adjust my behavior or change it somehow?

The cat and dog are not happy with the weather either.  I have to make them go outside when it is raining/freezing raining or any other form of frozen precipitation.  We will get through this and I kick them outside to do their business.  Patty did a record poop and pee this morning shivering the whole time. 

I am beginning to go into the winter slump already.  I think it is a little bit early for me to do so, but sometimes I just sit and frown.  I have SAD, and this year it is early.  I ache and I am cold all the time.  I don't want to get up and do.

Yesterday I did cook my annual mincemeat cake.  It is a recipe from my former sister-in-law, and I really like it.  I don't like fruit cakes, but this is really good.  It isn't too sweet, which is a plus. 

I had an annual physical in November, and I am still healthy.  My cholesterol is high, but that is expected with my family history.  My Vitamin D was depleted, and I expected that also.  But everything else is perfect.  Just aging is enough to cope with. 

Not much else is new and exciting.  I am knitting one sleeve on the red sweater.  The medieval sweater is languishing by the chair.  I started my niece's baby blanket.  I have been searching sock patterns again, and I don't need to do that.  I have enough to do.  I finally found some fabric I like that will finish the quilt I have reserved for H and R. 

So settling in for a long winter's nap sounds good about now.  We have four more months of yucky to cope with. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Enjoy The Warmth!

We are easing towards Solstice, and we have a warm up few days to enjoy ourselves.  I love to sit in the sunshine and soak up whatever warmth I can during these early winter months.  I am getting to hate gray days, but I tolerate them knowing that sun will shine again.

There is a major cold spell on the horizon for Thursday through the beginning of next week.  Pooh!

So today I wash blankets and put them on the clothesline.  I give Patty a bath, and she will sit in the sunshine to dry off.  I can't think of sitting still with any hand work when I can just sit in the sunshine.

We are soon going to have Solstice.  Every year I somehow tell myself that after Solstice the days are getting longer.  That there is more light every day.  Then by February I am not a happy camper.  I want it to be Spring.  It isn't Spring until after the Equinox.  I intellectually know that,  but I am tired of winter by the end of February.

I have been writing down my stories due to my friend CJE.  I submitted them to a publisher, and the first editing has been returned.  Whew!  What a learning experience that is.  It is rewriting and rewriting and learning and thinking and a lot of work.  I am so thankful she didn't just throw up her hands and say, "You need some real help here."  I am enjoying this process.  I know it sounds so crazy, but I am.

I have the medieval sweater on hiatus.  I have some little projects that need to be done quickly.  In between I pick up the handspun sweater.  I only have two inches to go until I start the sleeves.  Yeah!
OSM's socks are on the final sprint.   I am halfway done on the foot of the #2 sock.  I got the yarn yesterday to knit my niece SK a hat.  I ordered yarn for a blanket for my niece AK a baby blanket. 

Nothing going on in the sewing department.  I have things in my head to sew, but nothing is happening there. 

My friend I have been caring for is housesitting for a friend who has gone to New Orleans to visit family.  He is bored, and he is not handling the being alone and sitting still part.  I know it is his journey, but I understand how hard it is for him to be forced to retire so early.

Otherwise, I am back to normal in the household, and I am finally rested from that adventure.  I have my house back to my normal state of semi-clutter.  I have my nest back that I do my night knitting.  I have the hall bathroom back.  I have my meals back to normal again.  Now if I can just be motivated to get back to work.

The animals are back to their normal routines.  Patty is sitting in a sunny spot right now.  Noodles has slowed a bit on his rodent eating for a while.  He is still fighting his enemy that invades his territory on a regular basis.  The other morning at 4 am his "frenemy" was yowling at the bedroom window.  Oh, boy, did Noodles get upset over that!

So back to sitting in the sun.  I need to put the blankets on the line and get Patty bathed.  My usual slowing down for the season.  I don't push real hard any more.  I try to just accept that this is happening, and that I don't need to push so hard.  I just have to keep the bird feeders filled, and everyone's happy.

Enjoy the week.  Enjoy the warmth when it occurs.  Enjoy the sunshine when it occurs.