Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Enjoy The Warmth!

We are easing towards Solstice, and we have a warm up few days to enjoy ourselves.  I love to sit in the sunshine and soak up whatever warmth I can during these early winter months.  I am getting to hate gray days, but I tolerate them knowing that sun will shine again.

There is a major cold spell on the horizon for Thursday through the beginning of next week.  Pooh!

So today I wash blankets and put them on the clothesline.  I give Patty a bath, and she will sit in the sunshine to dry off.  I can't think of sitting still with any hand work when I can just sit in the sunshine.

We are soon going to have Solstice.  Every year I somehow tell myself that after Solstice the days are getting longer.  That there is more light every day.  Then by February I am not a happy camper.  I want it to be Spring.  It isn't Spring until after the Equinox.  I intellectually know that,  but I am tired of winter by the end of February.

I have been writing down my stories due to my friend CJE.  I submitted them to a publisher, and the first editing has been returned.  Whew!  What a learning experience that is.  It is rewriting and rewriting and learning and thinking and a lot of work.  I am so thankful she didn't just throw up her hands and say, "You need some real help here."  I am enjoying this process.  I know it sounds so crazy, but I am.

I have the medieval sweater on hiatus.  I have some little projects that need to be done quickly.  In between I pick up the handspun sweater.  I only have two inches to go until I start the sleeves.  Yeah!
OSM's socks are on the final sprint.   I am halfway done on the foot of the #2 sock.  I got the yarn yesterday to knit my niece SK a hat.  I ordered yarn for a blanket for my niece AK a baby blanket. 

Nothing going on in the sewing department.  I have things in my head to sew, but nothing is happening there. 

My friend I have been caring for is housesitting for a friend who has gone to New Orleans to visit family.  He is bored, and he is not handling the being alone and sitting still part.  I know it is his journey, but I understand how hard it is for him to be forced to retire so early.

Otherwise, I am back to normal in the household, and I am finally rested from that adventure.  I have my house back to my normal state of semi-clutter.  I have my nest back that I do my night knitting.  I have the hall bathroom back.  I have my meals back to normal again.  Now if I can just be motivated to get back to work.

The animals are back to their normal routines.  Patty is sitting in a sunny spot right now.  Noodles has slowed a bit on his rodent eating for a while.  He is still fighting his enemy that invades his territory on a regular basis.  The other morning at 4 am his "frenemy" was yowling at the bedroom window.  Oh, boy, did Noodles get upset over that!

So back to sitting in the sun.  I need to put the blankets on the line and get Patty bathed.  My usual slowing down for the season.  I don't push real hard any more.  I try to just accept that this is happening, and that I don't need to push so hard.  I just have to keep the bird feeders filled, and everyone's happy.

Enjoy the week.  Enjoy the warmth when it occurs.  Enjoy the sunshine when it occurs.

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