Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Don't Give Up Easily!

I have been having a little bit of trouble with the Fox family since they moved into the neighborhood. What do you do with bad neighbors? I kept thinking it was not that bad on the cats. Then Noodles started staying out all night long instead of only a short time. Baby would finally get up her nerve to go out the cat door, and wham! in she would fly! The problem is I put the cat door in a hallway window on the back side that faces the woods. At the time there was no problem, other than an especially lengthy ramp to get to the window. I am on a hillside. I thought that maybe this would encourage the cats to stay away from the road side of the property. Well, now we have new neighbors on the back side that do not like the intrusion.

So after waking up twice with poor Baby slamming in and out of the door, I was ready to try something different. I cannot put the cat door into a door. I rent, and the doors are metal. So my only window on the yard side of the property that I could use is to a storage room that is really junked up. The window will not open, I was told, and that meant to me no air, no other use for room other than storage. So I pulled everything piled up in front of that window. Examined window. Went after the window with a screwdriver, and the sucker finally opened a little bit. So encouraged, I set about making a new cat entrance. I have some portable screens that you buy at the home stores that fit into windows. They are adjustable by sliding them back and forth sideways. So I fitted the cat door into the portable screen, and then proceeded to pack foam insulation all around the opening. I am thinking ahead for winter time, since now the window will be open all the time. I duct-taped the entire process. It is really tacky and looks awful. But if it works, I don't care. I went outside to put plastic sheeting over the screened area, and suddenly it started raining. Not a little bit of rain-pouring rain! So later on when it dries out some, I'll finish the plastic sheeting bit.

We had such a bad storm that power kept flickering. I did not want to be on the computer with that going on. We got 1 inch of rain in about an hour and a half! The ground is already saturated, so an inch just makes the yard mushy.

Last night at the Monday Night Knit Group I found out that Carrie (untangle) is going to leave with her husband on Sunday to go to Maryland. She was going to wait until June, but has decided to just leave with him. Linda Jo (as for me and my hands) brought a chocolate cake with chocolate roses and rosebuds on top. Our little group seems to be dwindling. Summer time is always low attendance, but last night seemed such a small group. There was a class going on upstairs in the LYS, and they were quite noisy.

Well, I guess I better try to get some work done. I need to finish vacuuming the mess I made, but that can wait a while. At least now I am not worried about the cats as much. The foxes can just have the space back there. They actually bark kinda like a dog. I have heard chirples and low sounds, but not a bark. Until last night just before Baby slammed through the door, and she was mad. She was growling and muttering under her breath. So now peace can reign in the kingdom again. HA! HA! HA!

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