Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well, today is my birthday. I am sure this is thrilling to so many people. I treated myself to a quilt class- a log cabin pattern- and I bought Buddy the horse a salt/mineral block for my birthday. I got a CARE package from one friend with chocolate, a t-shirt, 2 sleeveless tees for very hot days, and two books. And two other friends called and wished congratulations. So a good day all the way around.

I will mention some interesting things I saw today on the way to the quilt class. I took a different route to the small town where the class was held and then home a different route. Of course, the obligatory road improvement. Kudzu seems to be spreading even more than before. I saw more cows than I've seen in a while. On the way home I saw three roadside places with a BUNCH of echinacea. It seems that large patches of that herb were wiped out by BAD people who robbed the mother lode to sell the herb. They did not respect the fact that one has to leave some to grow in the future. So when I see large clumps of it like today, I usually keep the location to myself.

The best thing I saw was a turkey vulture on a fence post with wings spread out to dry them from the rain. I have seen them in high places-like trees or cliff facings- never on a regular fence post with wings outstretched. At first glance I thought someone had placed a sculpture on the fence post. It took 2-3 seconds for me to realize that it was not a sculpture, but a real bird. Then I almost ran off the curve in the road. I love to see them at dawn in what I call a prayer stance. They face East as the sun rises. They place the wings in front of them in "prayer fashion". Then as the sun heats up, they spread them out to the side and each wing feather appears to get warmed up. It is really neat. But I've never seen one on a fence post.

I am really sleepy, and I need to close the gate and go to bed. I think I will read a while, but will probably fall asleep reading.

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valve said...

i am the passby...wish you have a good day today.happy birthday to you...