Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Night Crazy!

There are at least three different types of frogs right now outside my window in a weird symphony. There is a steady crrking, a long trill, and the little peep-peeps. There were pileated woodpeckers outside right at sundown.

No news on the knitting. Still working on the pink thing. I did a crazy thing today. I signed up for a quilt class on May 24. I wasn't too sure about the pattern, but I decided the only way I would every get a finished top right now is to take a class. I have never worked with jelly rolls, so this will be my first. I told my quilting and sock knitting buddy in Prairie Grove that I think it would be heavenly if someone would offer me a quilt top with the pieces already cut out. It would be like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. She, of course, told me there are kits like that. But the PRICE! My God! Do these people think all of us are just RICH or something!?! Anyway, I am pleased with my colorway. Some colors I normally wouldn't pick out myself, but are in the jelly roll. So, we will see. I am the only one, so far, that shows an interest in the class. If the class doesn't happen, I have plan B already picked out. Not a lot to report today.

Another friend called up to ask me what disaster happened yesterday. On her way out of her office, she saw a newspaper headline on someone's desk that said,"Thursday's disasters, something something, something". I couldn't think of a thing. I told her all I knew is that the Queen of England was here. Like-do I really want to celebrate the first English colony? Of course, we are assured that Powhatan kept them alive so he could get the weapons. That seems fair, huh?

I am finishing a Joe Grey mystery, and it is an old one I had not read. If you have not read these, you must. The author is Shirley Rousseau Murphy. Joe Grey is a grey kitty that can talk. He lives with a man named Clyde. Joe Grey solves mysteries with his sidekicks, Dulcie, his lady love, and the kitten, called Kit. Kit was feral, and was rescued. They solve the mysteries, and they make anonymous phone calls to the police. They open doors, dial the phone themselves, and manage to keep their abilities secret from everyone but their owners. Dulcie has a habit of stealing lacy undergarments and silky teddies from neighbor's drawers. She likes to roll on them. Oh-she likes cashmere! Joe reports he just doesn't try to understand a female's mind. These are different from the Mrs. Murphy mysteries, where Mrs. Murphy and all the animals talk to themselves and solve the mysteries. I like the Mrs. Murphy one where there is a fox hunt. She and the others go talk to the foxes, and it is a silly game the foxes do to confuse the humans and the stupid dogs. But Mrs. Murphy's owner catches the new fox kits each year and get them vaccinated for distemper and rabies. She even takes the possum that lives in the barn to get his rabies shots every year. Oh- I forgot. There was one where a friend of Harry (a woman)-Mrs. Murphy's human owner- get shot in his Porsche. So Mrs. Murphy, Pewter (a cat) and Tucker (a dog) drive the car to Harry's house to save the friend. They had to push him over, shift with a clutch, and drive. Pewter is the fattest, so she sat on the clutch. Mrs. Murphy pushed the gear shift. And Tucker sat on the gas pedal while Mrs. Murphy steered the wheel.

Well, as I said before. A dull day around here. Have a good evening!

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