Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Brain is Mush!

I have been applying for employment the last few days, and my brain is mush! I cannot think at all. I have taken such comprehensive tests that I became obsessive in every stroke of the keyboard.

It has been really cool here lately. I look at this picture of the orchid and remember that it was HOT, MUGGY, and BUGGY in the bogs. Remember that I went orchid hunting a coupla weeks ago with a friend, and I promised a picture of one of them. Isn't it incredible?!? It makes me happy.

This blurry picture proves that my spiderwort has come back after the April freeze. It isn't as prolific as it should be, but is surviving.

I have been knitting on the pink tank top in between applications. But it is slow going. I am a slow knitter, but only because I am in no rush any more like I was when I was young. There was a time in my long-ago past that I sold my handspun, my hand knits, and taught classes. It was a tough way to make a living. I carried knitting everywhere. I was constantly knitting. I knit while I stood in lines, even at the grocery store. It was insane. I prefer that I do not need any more sweaters, although I occasionally see one I think I would like to have. I never have enough socks. And friends always want those. I have plenty of scarves, plenty of everything. But I still knit.

A friend called up in February and asked if I still had any baby hats. I told her I given them all away to charity before Christmas. "Can you just whip one up for me to take to a baby shower?" Don't you just love it! Well, of course, I "whipped one up" in a few days and sent it on. I actually got a thank you note hand written from the new mother. My friend told me that my hat was the only handmade gift she got. I was appalled; everyone in the Monday Knit Group was appalled. We just cannot fathom a baby without handmade gifts. I even sent some washcloths in the box, but my friend kept those.

I have a box of "stuff" that are give-aways. I like to try out new washcloth patterns, or I sometimes make a washcloth out of a swatch when I want to try out a pattern. I have socks. I have scarves. I have "stuff". Luckily the younger girls like the retro thing. I have retro that is really retro from grandmother "stuff". Remember those afghans that were made on a plastic loom-like thing that made a daisy? Well, I still have mine in the blanket chest. I never liked it, but my father's mother made it for me in the 70's. I think Linda Jo is getting that. I have to get it out and air it and check it over for yucky places.

My favorite give-away lately was this scarf I made. I was trying to do a dye experiment that was in Spin-Off where you measure the yarn on a jig you make. It is supposed to give you the fair-isle patterning, but it didn't work. It was AWFUL! The dye was ugly, it ran, it was AWFUL! I knit it up anyway. It was AWFUL! I loved the pattern I used, because it gave a waffle feel- in other words, it had a nice smooshy texture. But the color was AWFUL! So in desperation I overydyed it. Well, it actually was do-able with the overdye. I took it to a funeral, and my cousin's wife oohed and aahed over the sage color with the mauve and lavender colors. I took it off and said, "Here. It's yours." She was elated beyond words. My cousin just beamed. I told her that sometimes things just have to find the right owners. She loved it. I didn't.

Anyway, it is Saturday! Thank goodness! I submitted the last application early this am. Now I have to just wait. I will continue to apply come Monday, but for now, it is time to do something else. Happy Weekend!

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