Saturday, May 12, 2007

Beautiful Days Are to Be Cherished!

What a glorious day this has started out to be! I tried to watch my quilt shows on PBS, but kinda dozed through them. I then went outside to start my outdoor chores. It has been raining all week, and when not raining, cloudy. Today the SUN is shining! And it is humid. The ground is totally saturated to the stage of mushy. The grass and weeds are very wet. So first, I decided to make a little woven string trellis for my gourds. They are up and starting to get big. They have not put out their runners yet, but it's better to be prepared. I went to the old compost pile and sifted compost to put around the potato plants, which are HUGE! I took inventory of everything, and it looks like we weathered the storms pretty well. The trees are leafing out again. The salvia is blooming and making Ms. Bumblebee very happy. The Solomon's Seal is blooming. The foxglove has a flower stalk. The comfrey is blooming. The deer clover is starting to bloom. I guess I am going to be ruthless and pull out some of my mint. It has decided to crowd out the chives and garlic. That's very naughty.

While I was weaving the string trellis, I heard the roadrunner cooing. I know he/she can see me, but I could not see him/her. I did notice a turkey at the cattle guard by the road. My friend that owns Buddy had a wild turkey that wandered up to his chicken yard one day and never left. When he left, the people that took the chickens could not catch Giblet. Then he disappeared and I assumed he went back to being wild again. Then my friend up the road said his new neighbors were ecstatic that a wild turkey came up to their chicken yard and seemed to stay put. That was some months ago. So I think the turkey I saw today was Giblet. I occasionally see him at the end of the pasture when the neighbor's Guinea hens go out there.

Today was my first bear smell. Normally I don't smell her until berry season. I wondered if I would have a visit this year since the berries are doing so poorly after the freeze. So- there you go. She is an old sow that lives down in my holler behind the house. Everyone on this road within 2 miles either way know her and about her. No one has tried to harm her in any way. I was very angry when a relative of someone came onto this property and killed our very old stag- known affectionately as The Bull of the Woods. Everyone up and down the road was incensed. He had 14 points! All I said, that person deserves to have the toughest meat around. It cannot taste good at that age and size.

Last night I got a lot of knitting done. I now have 10 inches on the pink tank top and I am halfway through with the foot of the #1 sock. I like to watch certain shows on Friday nights, and it is a great opportunity to knit. I don't have to actually watch every minute. It is the same with mystery books. You don't have to actually read every page. I have been known to skip a few pages and continue on the story. Especially if you have an author that has the same style in every book. I have tried the audio books thing while knitting. I tend to not listen and miss something in the reading. The only time I could actually listen and knit was when I had an eye problem for 8 months. I could not tolerate strong light. So I would sit in a darkened room and knit tube socks. To keep from screaming, I listened to audio books. This was WAY before IPOD days.

Well, on to chores. I need to put the laundry out on the line while there is sun. I also need to blanch some of the spinach and put in the freezer. Have a good weekend!

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