Sunday, May 6, 2007

Off in Space!

I just saw the weirdest thing on t.v. No comments on that line please! I watch Sunday Morning most Sunday mornings. Today was a report about sending your ashes in a tiny capsule (it looked to be about the size of a test tube) into space. This company will send your ashes to orbit the earth, to the moon, or to space beyond. Well, I cringed when they interviewed this woman who talked about the baby boomers and how they wanted to do something beyond the box in the ground thing. Well, number 1: what do you do with the other ashes? A human body, even a sick, shriveled up one, has more ashes than a test tube can hold. And number 2: Why would you do such a silly thing? I mean, pollute outer space with all these little test tubes floating around. I remember when my mother died around 23 years ago! I told my brothers that I wanted to be cremated and my ashes mixed into my compost pile. They were horrified! I mean, really freaked! My husband and I discussed this in detail. He wanted to be cremated, but unsure of where to put the ashes. The rose bushes were appealing. But instead, his ashes were scattered into the river at his favorite fishing spot.

I have thoughts about what happens to your stuff after you die. I mean, what is going to happen to the yarn, the fleece, my spinning wheel, my stuff? I don't care about the furniture, the pots and pans, the house crap. I worry about my important stuff. My close friend and I have made efforts to use the "good" napkins, tablecloths, etc. One of my grandmothers never wore the underwear I gave her regularly. I ended up throwing all that out. I think she saved every girdle that anyone wore in my family. Younger girls can never know the obsession with girdles. I mean there was the panty-type of girdle that you wore under slacks (assuming you did not have thunder thighs at age 13). Side note: No one wore jeans when I was 13; very few wore slacks, but occasionally you needed slacks. Not pants. Slacks. There was the long-line girdle that smoothed things down with straight skirts. Also, be aware that the girdles had these things on them that you hooked your hose on. The pantyhose had not been introduced yet.

Anyway, I digress. All that from seeing this stupid show on t.v.

Yesterday, I spent the day borrowing my neighbor's lawn mower, mowing the yard, cleaning up before the next rain event. Buddy the horse thinks this is so nice of me to clean the yard for him. He did eat some of the high stuff I could not get to with the mower. He is so funny drinking out of the bird bath. I am not sure how horses drink water. But he puts his muzzle down into it, and then there is water flying everywhere. It looks like a kid playing in water and splashing it everywhere. I know cats curl their tongues around the water and bring it into their mouths. Buddy has such big lips that I am not sure what he is doing. He found a big muddy place, and rubbed his lips all over that. In my heart I think he was getting the minerals from the mud. His lips and tongue were coated with mud.

After the clean-up, there were 7 Indigo Buntings in the dirt. I only noticed after I saw the cats watching them. Not a good thing! But I want to know how to get color like that. It is not just turquoise, but iridescence, and some dark blue mixed in.

No knitting for 2 days. Something is wrong with this picture. I have been reading a lot. I have been having my occasional arthritis pain in my right hand. So I generally take a rest spell. I usually save my dishwashing until morning so I can start my day with a hot water bath and functional hand movements to rev up my hands. But I washed my dishes last night; and after my hands had dried well, I smeared arthritis cream on my hand. So this morning I was able to spin for a little while without much pain.

More stories tomorrow. Have a good Sunday!

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