Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Monday on a Tuesday!

Well, no knitting except in spurts and pieces. I did get all my quilt pieces cut out, and now the fun begins. I listened to podcasts and cut and cut and cut. I did put one block together last night to be sure that I remember the process of doing that. So now, I will start sewing.

I saw some movement in the tall grass behind the barn Sunday evening. I have a window near the ceiling in the east bathroom. If I stand on the vanity I can look out this window. That is usually how I do my wildlife watching. So I stood there watching little baby foxes (kits) playing, and Mama was real close by. I go to the barn daily to take care of Buddy, and have not seen any signs that this is the den. I think Mama just took them on a little jaunt and let them work off some energy. Like we take our kids to the park. They look like little puppies, but I refuse to let my emotions go wild. They do grow up to be big foxes.

I am really thinking about my next project in knitting. But I refuse to start anything until I finish the pink top and at least one sock. The socks are for winter use anyway. I have put the wool shrug aside until later, too, since it is obviously not wool weather.

It is still raining, and raining, and raining. It looks like every day this week into the weekend. It does put a crimp in the lawn care, and I hope my potatoes do not rot. All my potatoe plants are blooming. Lettuce is pretty well gone. Spinach is little bitty leaves, but still there. Oh, well, I guess I won't be mowing any time soon. Darn!

I found this little line without a name to attribute it, so I apologize if this is yours:

"I count the stitches row by row, and watch the thread record the time."

May your life be recorded by each colorful thread.

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