Monday, April 30, 2007

My Grandmother's Granddaughter

I cannot believe it-but I am taking the plunge. I have been "lurking" around and reading blogs for some time. I could not imagine that anyone would care to read anything else about knitting or spinning or dyeing, or whatever. I did read that the knitting blogs are the fastest growing number of blogs. Well- Here I Am! I grew up in rural America on a farm, and was raised (reared) by two parents, two grandmothers, a grandfather, and two great-grandmothers. Plus all the other myriad of mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers in my small town. When I was a child, you respected each and every adult as if they were your parents. My family was always busy. My paternal grandmother and great-grandmother lived in Tulsa, and I spent at least a month each summer with them from the age of 5. Yes, my mother put me on an airplane all by myself, and away I went! I knew it was time to go when I got new underwear and new socks. But the rest of the time I worked and played with everyone else on the farm. My great-grandmother began my needlework lessons at age 5. I then became a part of the "handworks brigade". She was my best friend until I went to school at age 6. We did not have kindergarten then. I am close to sixty now, so that was a long, long time ago. A LOT has happened in my lifetime, and in all women's and men's lives. But I still carry the post-Depression work ethic and my love of knitting. I knit a LOT. But I can do embroidery, tat, crochet, needlepoint, sew (mostly quilt tops now), spin, dye, and all kinds of things. I used to weave, but I sold my loom and equipment. I also used to do watercolors. I live in a little place in the country, 30 minutes from the city, and I have two adorable cats (did you expect me to say less). I am a foster mom for an elderly gentleman horse. His owner is away for a while, and I am caring for him in my pasture. I have felt there is a sense of community with the knitters I have been reading, and I hope this can be a reciprocal relationship. I have learned a lot from reading the blogs. So- Hello!

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