Monday, March 29, 2010

Knit Misses!

I am only going to do a short blog today. It is a gorgeous Spring day, and I am going to enjoy it.

Remember the HUGE socks. They actually fit my friend exactly perfectly! Can you believe the luck in that? She even said, "They look kinda big." I told her it would not hurt my feelings if they did not fit and she did not want them. So she put them on, and they fit perfectly. The knitting gremlins at work, I guess.

I have done the knitted hem on the 2nd sleeve three times. I lay in bed the other night fretting about this glaring row of purl stitches that shouldn't be where they were. Of course, in reality, most people would not have even noticed it. Until some knitter person came along and examined the sleeve, and said, "Why is there this purl row right there?" as the finger pokes to the glaring spot. So after my knitting buddies left yesterday, I unravelled it. Back to the spot that was so glaring, and I started it again. I did one repeat of the lace pattern and put it down. I will examine it again today to make sure. I think this is the last unknit.

I held my breath last night as I tried on the glove that was unknit and reknit. I (fingers crossed) think it will work this time. I cannot believe I am using size 0 needles, but whatever works.

I know this whining is not very interesting to anyone other than me. I did get an email from a friend that was complaining about her woes of not getting anything right. She has knit longer than I have, only because she is about 4 years older than me. She has ripped out one piece twice and put the yarn aside. She said when she comes back from her trip, she will come over and use my yarn blocker to put the yarn right again. Also, she isn't able to get a heel right on the sock she is working on, and wants my input. And she has ripped out a doll dress that she was making for her granddaughter. So maybe it's the full moon phase - or something!

I am excited that our sock group is going to do a fair isle patterned sock for a knit along and study group. I think that will be fun. We have all kinds of different experiences in this group, and I think we can really learn a lot from each other.

I am going to go outside for a while. I think this week I am going to have to mow some weeds. The Spring crop of chickweed, nettles, and other naughty weeds have sprung up with all the rain. Of course, my flower bed in front is full of grass, so I guess I need to tackle that. YUCK!

Next post will be pics. I just don't have time right now to edit them and sort them out. Happy Monday!

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