Friday, April 2, 2010

Whew! What A Week!

Last Sunday was our Sunday Sock Knitters Group meeting. CJE and JE came over to my house afterward so we could celebrate the birthday girl. JE tried on the socks-see last blog-and they fit. I couldn't believe it! They looked so HUGE!
I took a picture of CJE's socks, as well. She mentioned that since she started knitting socks, only handknit ones feel good anymore.
Just a reminder-it is time to wash our sockies and start putting them away. I know, I know, it is only April. Keep one or two of the favorite ones out, but time to put away the woolies.
Monday I intended to do chores in the yard. Neither one of the two lawn mowers would start. I am always so frustrated at this time of the year. I am upset that I have limited ability to take care of things like small motors. I know basic motor info, but could not fathom why neither one would start. So I climbed up on my tall ladder and repaired my gutter that needed repair, and I cleaned out the back gutter under the tree. I also did weeding, etc. That is never ending.
Tuesday I was determined to get one of the mowers started. I finally got the small push mower started, and mowed the edging around the yard, etc. It is very heavy and hard to push. I was huffing and puffing after that. I could have blown the house down, but instead I lay down and tried to do deep breathing exercises.
My neighbors are still away, and their son came by to tell me they would be home late next week. I asked if I could borrow his dad's battery charger. We walked over there to get that and discussed the mower situation. He listened as I tried to start it, and pronounced that it was not the battery that was the problem. He poked around as much as I had already done, and announced he just did not know enough to tell me what the problem was. So after he left, I called Sears and set up and appointment for next week (the soonest they could get me an appointment). And yes-I got the riding mower serviced last Fall after the season.
Wednesday I was still fretting over this lawn mower. I was really frustrated that I could not figure it out. So I got the flashlight, and started seriously looking at wiring, etc. I wanted to make sure that some mousy had not nibbled the wires over the winter. I noticed that the ignition plate is loose, and I held one hand on that and pushed with the other hand on the wiring to the ignition. Sure enough it started! Then I could not get it in gear. Somehow the transmission handle thingy was dangling.
So I turned it off, and pulled it out of the shed. Yes-it's heavy! Then I got down to see what the transmission handle thingy's problem is. Somehow it is falling out of the hole it is supposed to be in. So I managed to get it back into the hole, hop on, start it up, and zoom we are going backwards. When I try to shift again, the thingy was out of the hole again. Okay-remember that reservation car that drove backwards in some movie a long time ago? I can't remember the name of the movie. It was about an Indian reservation in South Dakota.
So I turned it off, got down on the ground again, got it into the hole, and put it in gear before I started it. I could not change the gear once I started, so I had to make sure it was the right speed. So I did the majority of the back yard until I couldn't turn in tight spots. I have a few spots that you have to go into, back out, and return around things. Not with the way it was acting on Wednesday.
So yesterday, I decided to mow the front lawn straight bits. No way! It will not start again! So I guess I am through with this whole thing. The mower repair people will have to fix it next week. I can't live like this! How dramatic that sounds, but it's the truth.
It's time like this that I am frustrated with my limitations as a single woman trying to keep things up around a house. I have to hire out so much, and it bothers me. I am able to do simple repairs, and I do have a lot of power tools, but there is a limit to my ability. It reminds me that my husband and I used to live in a two-story Victorian house in Little Rock. I wanted a new kitchen so badly. I begged my brother in construction to please help me. His only response is,"You know you can do it yourself. You know how to do that stuff." My response was always,"Yes, I know how to build things, but it would like I did it. I want it to look right, not homemade." I never got my kitchen.
Yesterday was another day on the notches for this week. I have never participated in the April Fool's thing. Besides-it was my wedding anniversary and the anniversary of my mother's death. I think it was some karmic joke yesterday when my Noodles did not come home all day. This is how he looks most of the day, and that is what I am used to.
Imagine my panic when he couldn't be found by noon! It isn't so unusual that he or Baby may go out for an hour or two to hunt, but not all day. I climbed down into the ravine twice, and I went out there every so often to call and call. I searched trees to see if he was up a tree. I drove up and down the road to look for a body. When he missed his afternoon wet food feeding, I was really upset. I tried banging on the can, I called and called. No Noodles. (This is the cat that starts begging at 1 p.m. and does not relent until I give in at the appointed time of 3:30 p.m.)
I finally gave up and left to go to the knitting group. I could not concentrate, but I forced myself to knit one decrease repeat on my sweater sleeve. I finally left at 6:45 p.m. My stomach was in a roll by that time, and was worse by the time I got home.
And there he was, in the house when I got home. I was so relieved. He sat in my lap the whole evening and slept with me last night. Today he is really close by, and he follows me around. I will never know what happened yesterday, but I am glad it is over for now.
Today I put feed out for the plants. We are scheduled for a rain today. It is overcast, and the air is heavy. I did more weeding in the front flower bed. I think I am going to just rest today. It seems I have had enough for this week.
Enjoy your Easter weekend. I know it is supposed to be really pretty. It will be nice for Easter Egg Hunts! Have fun!

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