Friday, April 9, 2010

A Day Off From Knitting!

Well, my cousin and I took off yesterday to find the Polson Cemetery. I had googled a map, and we followed that sorta to the tee. But we both have similar memories of the cemetery being differently. I remembered the arch into the cemetery, and that there was this huge big ole monument to Stand Watie there. My cousin had a similar memory. But evidently they have opened the cemetery within the last 10 years, and now there are new, modern markers there. So now they have an ugly pink,newly made monument carved like a document outside the gate telling who Stand Watie was.

This was in the part of the cemetery where he is buried with his wife and some children. It is pretty old, as you can see.

There were two markers for John Ridge. This one has his Cherokee name, and the other one has John Ridge on it. This one states he was assassinated at Sugar Hill, AR, but my memory tells me he died nearby. The other marker states he died within 10 miles of the cemetery. His whole family was assassinated by Ross's command. They missed Stand Watie, and he went on to fight for the Confederacy.

We both disagree with the roads we took to find the cemetery. Of course, they were dirt roads when we went last. It is possible that they moved the roads when they paved them. It doesn't matter, because we both found what we were searching for.

I also like barns. I try to get pictures to preserve the memory. I used to paint them when I did watercolors. But I often cannot find them again if I want to go back, and a lot of times they are torn down. I got lots of shots of this one. It is obviously well loved and cared for.

I have laryngitis now from being out in the wind and the pollen. My allergies did a major flare up and my body is reacting. At least I don't have to say pleasant things to people and act nice. I can just look at someone grumpily and they may leave me alone.

It was interesting this time with my cousin's visit. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to talk about much at dinner Wednesday night, because I only socialize with knitters, spinners, and fiber folk. I really haven't much practise talking normally in a conversation, but it worked out well. I did not take my knitting with me to the restaurant, and tried not to think about "What am I going to do until the meal gets here?"

Yesterday we took off to Oklahoma as soon as the lawn mower was repaired. I did stick my knitting into my bag automatically, but I purposefully did not pull it out during the drive. I tried really hard to have conversation, although my voice was husky and then whispery from this allergy attack. So one whole day without knitting is HARD!

I have a bunch of errands to run this morning, and I have to mail a pkg at the post office. Then-maybe, just maybe-I can get the lawn mowed. YEAH! No knitting until this evening. I will stay busy and not think about it.

Have a good weekend. I hope the pollen is not going to get you too. It is really miserable having this drainage and gunk. It is hard to not talk, too.

Keep knitting and keep going. That's all I can think of right now.

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