Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Dyes!

A friend asked me to overdye this yarn she has had for a while. She doesn't mind the pink, it's just the amount of pinkness that she doesn't like. She just wanted it toned down.
So now she has a really nice burgundy, pink, violet, and toned-down pink yarn. I didn't spend a lot of time on it. It will be a semi-solid with some other color thrown in. It is alpaca/silk and they take the dye differently.
I didn't do a whole lot else yesterday. I am really disgusted with my yard right now. I will not rant about the lawnmower situation, but I cannot hardly wait until the repairman gets here on Thursday.
I was reading Judas Kiss by J.T. Ellison last night. I really like the characters in this series. I kinda figured out who the killer was, but it was good to the end. I stayed up until after midnight to finish it. I also finished Wesley, the Owl Saturday night. So a little more reading has been done, but then, there is nothing on t.v. anyway. Amazon sent out an email telling of new fiction, and there is a new China Bayles mystery being released this week. It has been a while.
My cousin is flying in on Wednesday this week, instead of the original plan of Thursday. So we have dinner plans. He has to be in business mode the rest of the trip, and this gives us a chance to catch up on news. He has to leave on Saturday to be in North Carolina on Sunday for some event. So I guess we won't be going to find Stand Watie's grave after all. I did google it, and it is in the Polson Cemetery and I think I can find it pretty easily. Maybe when my friend from California gets here at the end of the month, we will go off to find it. She's interested in that.
It has been overcast and gloomy for two days now. Yesterday there were some peeks of sun, but mostly it was overcast. It feels like more humidity in the air, so we should be getting a rain. But I guess the low isn't near enough. We are officially in tornado season, and Spring storm season. This is the season to be very vigilant and watch the skies. I have lived through three tornadoes in my lifetime, and that's plenty.
I now have 4 fingers on my glove. It is really nice. Just the thumb to finish. Then on to glove #2. I like the fit, I like the yarn, and I like the weight of the glove. Perfect-they "fit like a glove". I can't wait to get pics of it.
I have been studying the new sock pattern that we are going to do in our KAL in the sock group. I have been digging through the yarn box of yarns that I have been using for the sock blankie. It is the preparation that requires so much time.
I also got a book on afghans last Thursday at the LYS. My nephew is getting married in 2011, and I had been thinking of a quilt for their wedding gift. But now-maybe a pretty afghan would be nice. So that is percolating in the back of the brain. I can't even think of that right now. I have to finish the sweater I am knitting before I can take on anymore projects. I am halfway there with the gloves, but then I have the socks to fall into place after that. I don't even count the Lifetime Blankie any more. It is a separate entity of its own.
Nothing else new since I last wrote. Have a good week. Enjoy this nice weather and get outside. It is so nice to be able to finally spend some time outside instead of inside. And keep an eye on the skies!

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