Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Tornadoes-YET!

Wow! Our tornado season got off to a slow start. I think last week proved that it has caught up with the season. I cannot imagine having that many tornadoes in one day, and the big one in Mississippi proved how dangerous these things are. So far we are not affected.

Our sock group met on Sunday. The surprise I didn't want to mention last entry was that I was trying to finish one of the fair isle socks as a demo for everyone. I did not get it finished, but nearly so. I am doing my top down, as I mentioned, my own version of it. Another woman in our group is trying to follow the pattern so she can learn how this designer works. She had started hers and was past the toe and into the first foot pattern. So she was able to demonstrate that to the others.

Normally we have one last cool down before the summer heat. Normally it is the first week of May. Well, it has been here since that storm system moved in over the weekend. We are struggling to get out of the 50's this week, and it has been windy. I actually turned on my heat last night. Tonight is going to be in the 30's, and a possible light frost in some areas in the mountains. Tomorrow they are saying 60's, and I guess I will mow my weekly mow tomorrow. More rain is supposed to move in the end of the week. And storms.

My friend CJE went on a writer's retreat last week, and she is having a little trouble integrating back into the "normal" hectic life she left behind. When I called her last night she said she told her employees at work yesterday, "You know what to do, so you just do it." and she walked back into her office. And they did do what they were supposed to do. She said she was amazed that they did.

I have been thinking a lot about paint ideas for two rooms in the house. I don't want to tackle any more house projects right now. But I can't be out in the yard with the chill and wind, and so I look around the house and think paint. It will all go away when the heat returns and summer arrives. I have too much yard to worry about, and the last thing on my mind is house stuff. I sometimes wonder why I have 1/2 acre to worry about.

I got some yarn on sale at the LYS and I am thinking of dye colors. I also received a HUGE box of wood shavings and chips from a friend. Her husband does woodworking, and she has been gathering stuff for me. One HUGE sack is mixed up chips with various woods. So I am unsure how that will turn out. But she was able to separate some Paduk from a demonstration he did. So that will be an accurate dye job. I have to soak them in denatured alcohol for a while, but it will be interesting to see what I get.

I am also trying to get rid of paper wasps that have invaded my shed. I need to get some things out of there, and there are huge nests of wasps. Tonight is a good night to attack them since it will be so cold. I hate, hate, hate to kill anything. But my most recent sting was on top of my head and it HURT like all get out. I cried buckets over that one. I am able to keep up with the wasps on my front porch. I check every day, and when I see the beginnings of a nest, I knock it down during the night. But these in the shed haven't been monitored as closely, and they are out of hand now.

Nothing else is new. I am busy trying to finish my last glove. I also am trying to finish the fair isle sock. The sock has lost interest to me. I am also trying to finish plying my latest handspun project. I am listening to 206 Bones on an audiobook while I spin. That helps. I haven't really gotten motivated to do a whole lot. I am at that in-between state before the big yard push and finishing last minute projects before summer. I want to get sewing, but that will have to be another motivational talk to myself. That usually comes when it gets hotter and all I want to do is sit under the air conditioning vent and not hardly move. Sewing is great then!

Have a good rest of the week. Keep busy and keep happy!

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