Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank God for Rain!

Everyone I know has been praying for rain. The pollen is so thick and covers everything. Everyone I know is snuffling, blowing noses, hacking, coughing, and is plain miserable. So it is not just me. We expected rain all weekend. We got a few splatters that made the pollen a paste on my deck and outside table/chairs. Last night as I was trying to sleep without coughing I heard real rain falling. Whew!

This morning I opened the door to the deck to check out the mess, and there were two young deer in the back yard. They were as surprised as me. They didn't run away; just a general freeze. I quietly closed the door and they continued their browsing. One enjoyed reaching tree branches that were low on the edge of the woods.

It is a little bit chilly; not bad compared to 14 inches of snow a month ago. It is a surprise to have 80 degrees the middle of April. I did get the yard mowed again before the expected rain.

I still have a little trouble talking. I start out fine, and as I talk it gets huskier and huskier. I start coughing before long.

I did get my spinning done this weekend and I got a new colorway carded and ready to go. I didn't get as much yardage as I was hoping from the yak/merino. I only got 515 yards. Will put a pic out next entry.

I am having a little trouble getting my knit mojo, and I know it has to do with the time of year. I want to be outside working. I also like to sew this time of year. I just haven't been able to be outside with this upper respiratory thing. So I am trying to focus on what I have to do inside. I really need to run the dust mop. There is a film of dust on the floor from the pollen and the cat hair. It is shedding season. Notice I said I need to do that.

Has anyone else noticed there is nothing on t.v.? It is a great opportunity to read, but I like to listen to t.v. while I knit.

I am listening to an NPR report on osteoporosis effects on the skull. Now I never thought of that. I just thought our aging was skin sagging, wrinkles, etc. But it is shown that there is loss of bone in the jaws, cheeks, and eye sockets. Evidently our skeletal system completely regenerates by the time we are in our 40's. Unfortunately the quality of the bone is not the same as when the first time it was made. It is rougher and not as dense. He said by the time it is completely regenerated coincides with the first time we notice our appearances are changing. It is not enough to take more calcium and exercise. So great! It isn't only skin deep anymore, is it?

Well, I guess that's all I have for news. Have a safe week.

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Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

You mean there's more to look forward to besides just the sagging skin and wrinkles - LOL

It's been an unusually cool and wet Spring here in Southern California. Wonky weather everywhere.

Hope the allergies let up!