Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holly is Blooming!

This is just a quick update. Did you know that holly blooms? Me neither. Well, I was using the push mower-gasp! gasp! gasp!(that's me trying to breathe)-and I kept smelling this weird sickly sweet smell. I finally got my head up to notice that their were wasps, bees, flies, and other insects buzzing all over the holly bushes. So I got as close as I could get without being attacked, and it looks like tiny little nups on the end of a stick. They are light green color-like new growth leaves. It is totally weird looking. I don't know if I can get a picture because of the insects.

Also while I am trying to mow, bumblebees kept dive bombing me. They are very protective. But I could not figure out what they were protecting this early. Maybe it is a mating thing and they are setting up territory. I do have to watch them in the back around the comfrey when it is blooming. There are two or three bumblebees that are very aggressive. I usually watch them. When the one chases off the other, I rush in to mow around it. Or go to the compost pile at the back of the shed.

I went to the DMV and spent my money getting my driver's license renewed and getting the sticker for my license tag. I just hate bureaucracy, and the DMV is full of it. But it was tolerable. I did not have to wait too long.

Also, the silly Christmas cactus is blooming again. Let's recap. The first blooms were October 11, Veteran's Day. Then January 21 more blooms. Now April 6 and more blooms. It is one happy cactus, I guess. It has never bloomed so much before.

No more news. I just had to relate the holly news. I never knew it bloomed. That is so weird.

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