Thursday, March 4, 2010

I AM NOT Whining!

I promised some fibery pics-so this is what you get. Above is the sleeve I am working on using handspun Jacob from a sweet sheep named Diablo. He's not a devil. He's a sweety.
These were the surprise socks that were planned for someone who has a birthday in two weeks. Never going to happen. Go to plan B. Maybe will have done for person who's birthday is in three weeks. STR rocks. It is heavier than I expected. Knits nice and tight and snug. Looks like Easter socks anyway.

These are just some yarn I had laying on back of chair. On the left is more of Jacob for sweater, and on right is some merino dyed with Kool-Aid. Color pretty accurate, even with my silly camera.

I know that my life's trials are not as serious as the world's trials right now. I get that. I am not whining, well, maybe a little bit, but seriously, is this floor every going to get finished? This is where we stand right now-company ordered new flooring to replace wonky, yucky, not-properly-milled flooring from last week.
New flooring arrived this week, came to my house to acclimate, appointment today to put in new floor. Within two or three rows installer said this flooring was the same as last week's flooring-wonky, not fitting properly, etc. etc. Really sad news.
Supervisor comes to house, takes pics, discusses everything with installer, and then they decide that just some boards are wonky, not all boards. So undo what needs to be undone, keep putting floor down, mark the bad boards on back, put in separate pile, and go as far as they can today. At end of day, regroup, count how much more is needed to finish the job, and wait one more week to get order in, etc. etc. etc. etc.
I get the undo-ing part. I do that in knitting. Just tink back to where it is right, and redo it right. What an analogy. I don't always have enough yarn for the job. I get that.
So now we have half a hallway to finish-some time next week. At least they put the baseboards back, and now I can move furniture and stuff back into the living room-which is actually my knitting/weaving room. I really should wait and caulk the baseboards, but you know what-my girlfriend is free tomorrow a.m. to help with big furniture, and that's when it will get moved. I can actually put the coats and stuff back into the hall closet.
I actually thought I might move some stuff tonight, but I am going to wait. I am really tired, even though I didn't do any of the physical work. I did go out in the yard today and do some yard work while they were on their lunch break.
This is more the true color of the floor. It is bamboo, so there is an interesting pattern going on.
This is too light. The sun was shining in the window and the flash went off. But you can see the various shading. I like the uneven coloring. Makes it more interesting.
This was taken early in the morning, and the light wasn't to that side of the house yet. You can see the color better here.
And one last reminder of flooring disaster 101. Kinda like when you unravel the part you have knitted and it gets into a big mess in your lap.
So Sunday we had our monthly sock club meeting. It appears that just about everyone has a disaster story to tell. Is it because of the shifting of the earth's axis, or are there solar flares, or what? I never have this much trouble with a full moon. We are on phase two of the Christmas stocking KAL, and it was so much fun to see how different everyone's sock was. It is amazing that it is the same pattern, yet they all look so different.
Well, I am going to slap on an Icy Hot Patch, and crawl into bed and read for a while.
I hate it to sound like I am whining. I know my life is not as bad as others right now. But I have feelings too. The poor people and all these earthquakes everywhere. We had one in Arkansas yesterday that was 3.7. Oklahoma had one last week that was a 4. something.
So next entry will be happier news. The weather is nice for a change. Warmish in the day, and especially nice for sitting in the sun knitting or reading. I ate lunch outside today. I know it is only early March, but it bodes well for Spring to come on. April can still be tricky too. It doesn't pay to get ants in your pants and start thinking it's time to plant. I did put some composted manure around the azaelas and my living Christmas tree. It is supposed to rain by Monday, and that will make them happy. I got my new t-shirts from Land's End today. I like to order three new t-shirts for summer, and then I can sort through the old ones and get rid of the raunchy ones.
Talk to ya later.

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