Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Am So Not Happy!


So the morning started out okay. The installers arrived, they prepped pretty quickly, they removed the baseboards, they were ready to go. They started opening cartons of boards, and one of the men started nailing with a specialized nail gun. This is bamboo. I stayed in my studio and worked in there for the most part.
I realized the gun was not making noise. One of the men came to the doorway and states they have a problem. It appears the nail gun had burst its seal. They would have to find another gun. I did mention this is a specialty gun, too, didn't I? After many phone calls, they locate one. Off they go.
Okay-fast forward to 12:30 pm or there abouts. They are eager to get caught up with the job. The nail gun is working nicely. I am spinning away, thinking that I hope they do a nice job instead of a fast job. Then I notice the nail gun is not making noise.
So after I finally get up enough nerve, I ask "What is the problem now?" It appears the flooring company did not mill the boards correctly. At some places there was a teensy gap that was noticeable. And they had to stop before going any further and a supervisor had to come out and look at the problem. In the meantime they dry fitted some of the boards and it was the boards, not the leveling of the first row.
So a long time later the supervisor arrives, takes several photos, talks to the guys, barely looks me in the eye as he apologizes, and assures me the mill will have to expedite the correct boards, and they will have to inspect the boards to make sure this is not going to happen again. So now I am looking at another 10 days of waiting while my house is all torn up.
But sadly, they have to tear up all the work they had already done. Including the barrier cloth was rerolled and put in the trailer. So I did ask what they were going to do with the torn up lumber, and they said they take it back to the store. They put it away until they work out what they will do with the mill people. Then probably it will be tossed in the dumpster. What a waste. I think they could be used by someone for other projects. The unused lumber goes back to the mill.
Anyway, enough of a rant. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. So just move on. SIGH!

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Birdsong said...

Hopefully, it will at least go to your local ReStore... one of our favorite enterprises, run to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Sorry about the major disruption to your life!