Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life Goes On-Doesn't It?

O.K. I understand that creating chaos is good. I understand changes are good. But I am tired. I declared yesterday an official rest day. I did not do anything but rest. Oh-I did a load of laundry. I took out the trash last night for this mornings pick-up. But those are mundane every day chores that have to get done. Oh-yeah-I did the dishes last night. I only did a little knitting on my traveling sock. I could not think to do the lace on the sleeve of the sweater.

I did a crappy job of painting on the hallway. I will have to go back and fix that. Of course, I am realistic that the installers will pretty much make a big mess and I will have to do touch ups anyway.

I have to feel for the kitties. At first when I started moving the furniture out, Noodles freaked. He would walk into the living room and look around and look at me. I assured him we were not moving, and that this was only temporary. When I started painting, they stayed in the studio, which is pretty much as normal with the clutter and smells, etc. Night before last I left the doors open in the extra two rooms where everything is crammed in. When I went to look for Baby yesterday morning, she was nowhere to be found. Until I peeked in the extra bedroom and there she was on top of the pile of coats. Yesterday Noodles sat in my lap pretty much the whole time I was sitting in the one chair I have left in the living room.

So they will freak out tomorrow when the installers arrive, start making lots of noise, and they are strangers. I am sure they will hang out with me in the studio. I have a plan to watch a movie and spin. I want to finish the yarn I started ten days ago before the insanity started.

I have a few chores to do today, but I am ready to get this job finished. I am still getting seed catalogues, and that puts me in the mood. Only 24 more days until Spring arrives! I really do get outside and start cleaning the yard in late March. I am not going to go crazy this year. I only have one big flower bed I want to make. But I think I am more into the maintenance part of the yard this year. I want to plant some dye flowers, too. But otherwise, I am not going to put in vegetables like I did last year. That was pretty much a bust. The potatoes did the best of everything. Oh-the early Spring lettuces and spinach did well, too. Maybe I can do that much. I like my early greens.

So, I have to get moving to get the chores done. I have to get the recycling box out to the street. Have a good rest of the week. I am glad I did not commit to the Olympics this year. I got interrupted with this floor deal. Maybe that's my commitment instead of the knitting. Talk at ya later.

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