Thursday, February 4, 2010

Only 44 More Days Until Spring!

I LOVE my new sock blockers that I got for Christmas. This is my first try on them, and man!, they make the socks look good after they are blocked! I am sold on them!

Okay! These are the January socks! They are made from Zauberball, and I love this yarn. I did not get a matchy-matchy pair, but close. I did a three-purl spiral around the leg and the top of the foot. I LOVE the way the colors bled into each other and did not create a hard stripe line. The first sock had one hard stripe line when I picked up the gusset and started around the top of the foot again. But the second one still had the softer gray that did not look as hard.

See-not identical twins. But close.

This is my DUH! project. This is my yarn blocker made of PVC pipe that came from a pattern in a very old Spin-Off. If anyone is interested, I can find the copy and give you dimensions. Anyway, I have always had a little difficulty keeping it together, and it is a pain to get the skeins on it and set up. I almost always do this on my deck or my screened porch. You know, for dripping. Well, obviously, it is very cold outside. The last batch I did on the blocker froze. Okay, what to do. So I put it in the bathtub in the hall bathroom, and it is a tad-bit wonky! But it did the job without a lot of mess on the floor, and now I have nice pretty skeins of blue/green/turquoise yarn.

Now this is my February sock(s) started. The pink is my real project that is going to be a gift. I don't think that person reads my blog, so I am safe. It will be a plain-Jane sock whose pattern is in my head. Easy-Peezy-knitting. Should go pretty fast.

The one on the left is from my left-over Zauberball. I thought-just make a pair of baby sockies and then put them in your give-away box. Well, I swear I had some extra red from the second sock I knit for myself. I cannot find it anywhere. So this will probably end up as a Christmas tree ornament. The last choice I would make, but hey! you only have to knit one!

I just had a power surge that blacked out everything for a while. So I will quickly wrap this one up and get it out to the world. Sigh! More snow tomorrow and a bigger chance on Monday. This is one whacked out winter! I am almost ready to move south-er.
I also have a Toyota matrix. My older brother sent me three emails yesterday with concern about the recall. The last I heard I didn't really have to worry. Then last night I found a news report show on cable that really got me worried. So I guess I will make a trip to my local Toyota place real soon. I will keep you posted. One interview last night was with a person from a car magazine. He said that several brands of cars-not just Toyota- have a problem with the gas pedal. He said that yes, it is a problem that needs to be addressed. But all the makers of cars with the problem need to be targeted-not just Toyota. Well, that's a comfort, huh? Sorta, kinda, like the terrorism thing. The bad guys are out there, and you better watch out! I guess it's the old "keep them in a constant fear state" issue that has always bugged me about "them".
We still have patches of snowy-icy stuff on the ground. I did slide down yesterday on the sidewalk ice as I was headed out the door to go to the spinner's meeting. Today is a light rain and it is cold and yucky out.
We had a very good spinner's meeting. I met some new folks. Someone once said that coincidences are a way for God to remain anonymous. Well, I met a visitor yesterday that has my first name, is named after her grandmother(as I am) with the same name as my grandmother, from the same place in Oklahoma that my grandmother is from, and they have Choctaw blood. The stories were almost identical. What do you think about that?
Well, before the power surges again, I am going to finish this out. I got an email of a poster that is available on etsy- Keep Knitting and Stay Calm!

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Kev and Joy said...

can you give me a link to the plans for that pvc pipe yarn blocker please? i came across your blog doing a search looking for something like that. do you still have the instructions?
thanks so much! i love the looks of your blog and glad i came across it!
joy roll