Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Are On The Downhill Now!

Don't ever, ever get too glad that it is not doing something wintry outside. Because as sure as you think it, the world will plunge into an abysmal snow/ice mess. So..... quietly each day I thank God that the light is changing again. There is a feeling of "something" in the air that is promising. The bird songs are changing. There is just a different "feel" outside. Yes, it is still February, and yes, we still have two more months of uncertain weather. Yes, there is promise of maybe a sprinkling of snow tonight. But my hope is still there, with my faith that this will soon pass.

On the other side-where have I been. Right here in the house tearing everything up and making chaos. I have finally decided-it only took 18 months-to put down flooring in the living room and hallway. I finally took the plunge and a deep breath and called for a measurement and estimate of cost. I put in my head a budget, and when it came in under that budget, I ordered it. I am also saving about $250 by tearing up the carpeting myself and the tack strips. My friend CF says, "Well, as long as you have about a week to wait for the flooring to come in, why don't you paint?" That made sense.

So fast forward to my standing in the paint store with a silk pillow case that I am trying to match. I am terrible about choosing paint. I like the little chips, or sometimes the bigger chips, but on the big ole wall, it is not what I want. So I got one gallon, started on the foyer entry, and I liked the paint a lot. Of course, the sun was shining and it was very pretty. The next morning, all bleary-eyed, I did not like the paint at all. It was so dark. Then the sun shone on it and I liked it again. So I started on the living room. It seemed such a change once I started on the big walls. I finally had to tell myself that "This is it!" and just remember that there will be flooring, furniture, paintings, and it will not be just one big ole wall standing out there.

Well, I am now onto the hallway today. I took a day away yesterday. I went to the spinning guild's meeting. I won the door prize-a cute little cross-stitch picture of two sheep. It will look really cute in my studio room.

My house is a total wreck. I was thinking of Grey Gardens last night. My house is not dirty, or flea-ridden, or in total loss. It is just crammed with stuff that is not in the part of the house that is being remodeled. I retreated to my bedroom with the portable DVD player, and I sat in bed knitting and watched a movie. See where the Grey Gardens idea comes from.

I tried to get a picture of the paint in the hallway or living room. But the color does not come through with my little camera. Just take it from me it is pretty.

It is raining today, really cloudy and dark, but the birds are singing. So I guess I will join them and know that things will change soon enough. Somewhere in all the mess, I have my catalogues that assure me that I can have such a lovely garden this year. I will just progress one day at a time. My floor is in, and tomorrow I will call to schedule the installation. I have a friend that will come tomorrow with a pickup truck and a crow bar. The carpets will be gone tomorrow and I will be ready. We will make a run to the dump to get rid of all the reminders of allergy-laden carpeting, and all the other stuff in the yard that I want to get rid of too.

Have a good week. The next entry should be a little less home-wrecking. It should be full of fibery goodness. The Olympics are not over yet.

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