Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Knit your hearts with an unslipping knot." -Antony and Cleopatra, William Shakespeare

I know everyone is glued to the Olympics. I had a few tears at the opening ceremony. It was really pretty. The special effects were amazing. It really looked like whales rolling across the floor. And it was really sad when Georgia's team came in with such solemn faces and trying to look okay with everything. It was touching that they got a huge response from the crowd.

Apollo Ono is amazing-he's cute, he's more grown up than the last Olympics, and he is a better athlete.

The moguls were amazing. It just hurts my legs and hips to watch them.

So how's everyone's knitting? Isn't it just astounding how many people are knitting along with this event? How does one relate this to the muggles that just don't realize what a power the knitters' of the world have? I mean-The Yarn Harlot has over 2000 people world-wide signed up for hers, and I have no idea how many are signed up on Ravelry sites. I lost count of the teams.

I know when to stop knitting for a while. Friday night I dreamed I was doing some sort of puzzle thing-like a matching game. It was knitting related. I was stumped at one point, and suddenly this woman with a distinct French Canadian accent said, "Well, you can do a Brioche stitch here, and that will solve the puzzle." and then she performs the stitch. I told her I couldn't see how she did that, so she did it again. It went so quickly and it was complicated what she did. So yesterday, I did not knit one stitch, except for a few rows on the traveling sock while I was in my meeting.

It seems at this moment all my friends are having troubles with parents. I am surrounded by friends who call me to tell me about this, and it just seems everyone is having a problem at the same time.

I also had a dream the other night about some weaving that seemed to be a possibility to me. I have ideas floating around. I just haven't acted on the ideas yet.

So just a quick hello. Nothing too new going on. Have a good and happy day today.

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