Tuesday, March 23, 2010

At Last-Some Fibery News!

The birthday socks are finished. I think they are too big! I may have to keep them. It is embarrassing! This is STR lightweight, yet it seems very heavy to me. It is a nice yarn to knit with, but a bit heavy.

And someone got caught sleeping on my yak/ merino blend. Naughty kitty! But she has good taste!

Just now on CBS news Steve Hartman gave a report of some graffiti knitters in a small town that are going out at night to cover the town in knitting. Some people are not impressed, and somebody actually ripped off the knitting in a tree. They left a bit of it left, so it had been there. It was a cute fluff piece. He should go to a knitting event and see how crazy knitters can really be.

After our little drama this weekend, most of that white stuff is gone. The birds are bathing in the puddles and are not as frantic to eat from the feeders. I guess they need to get on with the nesting. I am putting out snippets of yarn for them and a little bit of grassy wool.

I am now knitting a pair of lightweight gloves with some new yarn at the LYS. It has 20% angora in it,and it is really nice feeling. I think it will be a grand pair of gloves. I had a little trouble getting it started. The yarn had a tendency to split. But once I got on with the knitting, it was fine. Or I got used to it.

Otherwise, I am just enjoying this bit of warmth. It is supposed to rain thsi week, and the temps always drop during a Spring rain. Still able to wear the wool socks and lightweight mitts.
Have a good rest of the week. Until later....

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meowmom said...

Steve Hartman has the nerve to call knitting a "relatively boring hobby." Whoa, CBS, you are in for a s**t storm! :)