Monday, March 8, 2010

BOOM! It's Spring Thunderstorms!

We are gearing up for thunder-boomers-our first Spring storm. I haven't really seen the weather report on t.v. for some days, but that's what the paper said this morning. It has been unseasonably warm, with that tinge of chill in the wind. I put clothes out on the clothesline yesterday.

Maybe things can settle down now and return to some normalcy. I had a busy weekend, and I had a good breakfast this morning. So now things can keep on getting better.

Saturday my friends CJE and JE and I went on a little adventure to visit some friends of JE in Missouri. We took JE's two daughters, and that was fun. We sat on the screened porch for our visit, and I got to knit a lot on my sock. At the end of that visit, we made a trip to the cave that they get their spring water. It was really nice. We saw 8 or 9 deer on the dirt road leading to their house.

Yesterday, I got up late and could not motivate myself to do much. I listened to my NPR programs that I like on Sunday morning. I met CJE and her husband at a bookstore in town to listen to a slide presentation on raptors. The gentleman that presented the show is a well-renowned ornithologist that has done world-wide studies. The three of us went to a restaurant for dinner, and the presenter and his wife joined us. In conversation, he was talking about grad school in Michigan in the mid-40's. Without doing a lot of math, that would put him in his early 80's. And he still travels all over the world doing birding trips. His wife was very quiet, and it is obvious that he does most of the talking.

So Saturday evening I stayed at CJE's house until 8 p.m. I was able to finish my first sock while she was plying some wool on her wheel. AE had been in the garden until dark, and he was tired. I guess I let my time slip, because I did not finish these socks in February. I am about two weeks behind schedule-maybe three. So that's okay. I think I can do the second one now in time for the birthday girl at the end of the month. I did finish a little teeny pair of baby socks in a coupla days in February, so maybe I can squeeze that out as my Feb. socks.

So I am off to the grocery for my Monday shopping. I am out of dry and wet cat food, and that will never do around here. Some people in my house get rather insistent when it is time for their "treat" at 3:30 p..m. Besides, I need a few things myself.

Have a good Monday. Keep your fingers crossed that this week will go much smoother than the last three. And maybe, just maybe, I can get the floor completed.

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