Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Still Snowing!

I haven't seen drifting like this since Oklahoma and Kansas prairie days! It is quite windy out, and it is blowing from the north.

This is a bush outside my bedroom window.

I tried to get a picture of the trees, because the wind is blowing the snow onto the north side of the trees. They look quite pretty with their frosting on one side and mounded up.

This was just taken outside my studio window. If you go to the first photo, you can see this table from a distance. Notice how much more is piled up. It is really quite pretty, as long as one doesn't have to go out into it.
The cats have cabin fever. Neither one of them like to use the kitty potty. They are quite fastidious with their potty practises. So they go out onto the porch, peer through the snowy, lacy screening, and then maybe peer through the kitty door. I did open the door to clear the snow from just outside the kitty door. After a minute or so, they run back into the house, bounding through the kitty door into the studio, and running back to snug warm places.
I have been spinning and listening to podcasts. It keeps me occupied for a while. I keep looking outside and thinking that surely, it will stop soon. Stay warm, and keep knitting. It is still winter!

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