Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AHH! March Winds

"Winds of March, we welcome you,There is work for you to do.Work and play and blow all day,Blow the Winter wind away."

This quote did not have an author listed, but I still find it appropriate to mention that we are having a bit of March wind. The lows that have been coming from the west have skirted to the North, but we are expecting one tomorrow that will land right on top of us. That is a possible storm-making activity, which is another one thing to think about. Spring storms-tornadoes-wind damage-you know the drill.

We had a bit of rain last night that ended by bedtime. A fast moving system came through. But tomorrow will be a little more dramatic-if the weatherman is to be trusted.

So like a good home owner, I happily spent my day outside doing chores. There is work to be done to prepare for the new planting season. It is funny that the newspaper had "Time To Plant" on the front page this morning. Of course, it is only time to plant trees or shrubs, and to prepare the garden for the rest of the "time to plant" season.

Last year there were some daffodils and other things blooming in the midst of the honeysuckle jungle. I forgot to get out there and dig some of them up last year. I think they probably came from the time this place was a farm. These were probably from the old stock that "Grandma" planted a long, long, long time ago.

So today I armed myself with my lopper and my trowel. I cut a path through the honeysuckle and brier patch. I finally got to some of the small trees that had gone down in last year's ice storm, and they were covered over with honeysuckle. I crawled through all this to get to these few little plants. But I dug what I could out, and replanted them in the yard by the retaining wall in the front. I hope they survive and like their new home. I went to a lot of work just to get to them.

I need to get out there and clean up more of the trash pile that has been there forever. But it is not as motivating as finding plants.

I also cleaned out two more beds that needed last years dead growth cleaned off before new growth starts.

I moved all the oak flooring that had been piled on the front porch by the installers. I put it into the shed so it will stay dry and in one place.

The big chore to do on a non-windy day will be to clean the porch and paint it. YUCK! But it has to be done, and there isn't anyone else in this family willing to help. The other two members of this family just lie around on the bed and sleep. And wait for their dinner at 3:30p.m.

The rest of the flooring was delivered today so it can acclimate to the house. We are on schedule to finish the hallway Thursday. I am not as upset as I have been. I have my living room pretty much back to normal. I still have to hang pictures. It just looks so nice and clean. Carpeting is the pits. I don't care how many times you clean it, it is still dirty way down underneath everything.

Right now I am ready to eat some supper. I need to take some ibuprofen and rest a bit. I am going to do a little bit of knitting and be quiet for a while. Then it is icy-hot patch and bed.

It's good to be able to work outside again!

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