Sunday, March 14, 2010

Change Is Good-Isn't It?

One of the things I have been doing since the floor debacle is clean out old projects that are not going to make it. Case in point-this was a summer tank top that started as a dream of light, cool cotton/modal blend. Reality check began with the weight of the project, and finished with how quickly those little balls of yarn finished and a new one begins. I began to dislike it enough that I quit knitting. It was incredibly heavy, and I knew it would never make it on my summer body.
So I skeined it into pretty little wavy hanks, and gave it a quick wash. When it dries, I will roll it into balls to be reused for something else. My friend CF told me she wanted to make a little summer top for this summer, and she may end up with it.

The weather has returned to late winter weather again-windy, cold, and gray skies. Yuck! I am always reminded of my friend in Little Rock that called this The Snow Tire and Daffodil Festival.

It is the time of year when daffodils start popping out and giving a quick peek of Spring. But the weather sometimes covers them with a light snow covering.

I went to the weaving guild meeting yesterday. I guess because there was a special program planned with tapestry techniques, the business meeting only lasted an hour! Usually it drones on and on. I was not feeling one hundred percent, and I had to take some ibuprofen to sit still that long. I did get quite a bit of sock knitted during the hour.

I listened to podcasts last night and finished plying my skein of Jacob. I decided to take a break from this, since I have enough to keep going on the sweater. I am now finishing the merino/yak blend. I had divided it into two, and the first batch turned out really wonderful. So it is time to finish out this last half.

I also watched a brief CD on equine photography. There is a group called There is such beautiful photos of various horse breeds. The CD I watched was a seminar on how to set up a shoot, what to look for, how to use the light, and how to find beauty in such small things as water on the mane or face. The first horse she showed was a stallion of a draft horse breed that was used to pull gypsy wagons in Ireland. He was so beautiful. She took her time and got to know the horses before she worked with them. It was really fantastic to watch the horses. Of course, these are all pampered, well-performed animals, and it is so different than the pasture horses we see around here.

I will finish today with these photos of Baby playing with her favorite "cave". It is a rug crocheted from plastic bags that my grandmother made years ago. It has always been Baby's favorite thing, because it is light weight and easy to manipulate. She spent a very long time sliding it around on the new floor and having the best time. This was after she had already slid all over the oriental rug, which is one of her new favorite things to do. Once I threw out her plastic rug, she went nuts playing and playing. Not bad for a 9 1/2 year old kitty!

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Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Oh and it's such a pretty pink too!!!! Give a long think before you part with it ~ something may come to mind. How about making a wrap for chilly summer nights?

I see you come from a family of crafty women ;)