Sunday, November 29, 2009

ACK! I've Been Kissed By An Alpaca!

Just a quick little photo of some bittersweet that was growing near my friend's house in Newton County. I love the color of it. I thought the birds would flock all over it, but so far they haven't. I kinda folded it into a wreath and hung it on the porch.
Ah! Alpacas. This is the spinning guild's annual trek to the local alpaca show. We sit in the foyer and spin. Of course, we have to walk around and look at the animals and watch their cute little antics. They hum, they sing, they look cute, and they are very pretty. Except for that Suri one that rolled in poop and was covered in little dung balls in its curly locks.

I don't have a picture of the one alpaca that is a "kissing alpaca". A young lady was walking her pet around to just get her some exercise and to prepare her to walk into the arena. I talked to her briefly, and petted the sweet young alpaca on the muzzle. The young woman said, "She likes to kiss people." I leaned into the alpaca's face, expecting to be nuzzled on the cheek or neck. The little thing kissed me on the lips! I've never been kissed on the lips before by an alpaca. Horses, yes. But an alpaca. After the kiss, she nuzzled my cheek and neck. It was a very soft brush of fur.

This one is called a calico. It is a little bit rare to get this color pattern. There are four different colors on its little body. It kinda looks like a paint job gone bad with splatters.

This year the person in charge of promotions did not promote the show. There was nothing in the local papers. There were more animals than before, and there were far less vendors. There was never a horde of folks coming in. A few family groups, but never a large group around us. We ended up having a very relaxed day of visiting, spinning, walking around, eating, and just hanging out.
Ray farms donated two lovely fleeces of alpaca for us to spin. The owner is a spinner, and she raises her fleeces for the softness and spin-ability of the fiber. So I got some really pretty white alpaca yarn finished. Thanks!
So nothing is too new. Going to the Fiber Extravaganza next weekend at Mt. Magazine state park. I am planning to stay overnight Friday night, hang out with fiber folks, walk around the vendors, just chill out with people that speak the same language, and then drive home Saturday afternoon. This is a big event that is advertised all year on Ravelry. I think it will be fun.
Well, time for some breakfast, check my newest dye experiment, and see what the day will bring. It has been a good weekend.

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