Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update on Veteran's Day Cactus!

On Wednesday-as expected-two blossoms opened up. I now have more open blossoms. Isn't that the prettiest pink?
What is this? This is what I removed from inside my handknit socks the other day. I have always been so proud that I care for my socks very carefully, washing by hand, and baby-ing them along to expand the lifespan. I very seldom turn them inside out, so this has accumulated for a while-I guess. I pulled off my sock the other night, and it turned inside out. That's when I noticed this covering that is sorta like moleskin. I know enough to realize that I had felted it a tad bit with friction and heat and probably some moisture.
Why is this important? It means that our socks wear out from the inside instead of the outside. I have always illogically assumed that men wear out socks quicker because they rub them against shoes that are heavier than most women's shoes. But perhaps this is because they sweat more with their feet and they have more friction inside the shoe from the inside. So go look inside your sock now and see if you can find the moleskin.
I went to Oklahoma on Friday, and my friend just wears me out. She is so focused on her mother's passing, and she just goes on and on with the same stories that I have already heard over and over. Also another friend of hers is having some problems with grown-up children. Why is it that almost everyone I know has grown-up children with problems?
My friend CJE has located an old wringer washer. I am really happy that she has found that. She has been looking for some time.
I listened to an interesting interview with Anne Rice this a.m. on NPR. She rejoined the Catholic Church, and does not write about vampires any more. She is just releasing a book about angels. It sounded like an interesting plot. I think I will watch for that one. She had some interesting thoughts about the current books and shows about vampires. And she did not have too many kind words about current angel movies. She does like Clarence in It's A Wonderful Life. But that is an old movie.
Nothing else new. I am almost finished with the foot part of the second sock. I will try to finish this pair this week, and I will post photos when I get it done.
Have a good week.

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