Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Pair of Sockies!

These photos were taken just after bind off-before they were washed and blocked. They are handspun mill ends-merino with some mohair in them. They are dyed with Kool-Aid. They are fraternal twins, but heavy and warm. They are "tough as nails" socks in a plain pattern that is in my head.

They fit perfectly, and they feel great. I will love them a lot. I only have three pairs of "heavy" socks for the toughest winter days. I usually have the lightweight wool that is comfy when it is cooler, but don't make your feet sweat.
Today is a day that I have been dreading-the real return of cold weather. My arthritis in my hand is hurting, and I got a wool sweater out of the closet. Brenda Dayne's podcast always ends with "Remember-if you are cold, put on a sweater. That's what they are made for." I love my wool sweaters, because they breathe.
The weather men have been predicting snow showers today, but I don't think so. We had a rain move in for a coupla days. You know- the wet, cold, dreary, cloudy kind of days. I did check my blog from last year, and I did post the first snowfall on the ground was December 1. So we will see what happens. The warm weather fooled a lot of folks, I think.
In a macabre kind of sense that only a cat-person can understand, Noodles has a hidey place in the dying weeds around the standing bird feeder. He jumps up to the feeder, latches one front paw on the feeder, and lashes out with the other one to snag a bird. Sometimes it works. Now Baby, just this morning, hunkers down near the feeder, chatters a little bit, and just jumps up in the air as if she could catch a flying bird. It never works. Only occasionally does she ever get a bird. Now with mice, chipmunks, some field rats, she is a killer kitty. Noodles brings his prey in and dumps it unceremoniously on the floor, may try to play with it some, but mostly just eats it. Baby comes in prancing with her head up, and looking like a lioness on the hunt. She then plays with it a long, long time. If I get there first with either one, it is out the door and back outside where it belongs.
I am winding my warp now to make some kitchen towels out of cotton. So back to the drudgery of counting. Have a good week.

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