Thursday, December 3, 2009

I've Had Enough Cold For Now-Thank You!

I cannot get a good picture of the color green this is. It is really a light sage green. This is too blue in the photo. Ironically-it is dyed with eating sage-not wild sage-and I used copper sulfate as a mordant.
Now I know this sounds strange-given that they are cats-but Noodles and Baby have never slept on or in any of my wool piles before. The only time I saw Baby get into wool was some llama I had in a sack, and when she was very young she found a pile of buffalo fur on the floor on a sheet where I was sorting it. I have yarn in baskets or containers all over the house. I have knitting projects all over the house. The only time they get on a knitting project is when I am knitting it and they want to sit in my lap. But-----here they are-sitting on the little dab I have not carded yet.

This is a testament that it has gotten cold. I don't mind the temperature, but the wind has been unbelievable! I have to go out today and fasten one of the gutter pieces down. It banged in the night. I hate wind most of all. It just cuts right through whatever you are wearing. I actually put blankets over the door to the screen porch and the back doors to the patio. I really didn't feel that much blowing through, but I know it helped some. Normally it doesn't bother me. But if there is a major wind, I cover openings.
That reminds me that on Mythbusters they decided to debunk the idea that depression people in the dust bowl could block out the dust with paste made from flour and rags. They had a house that would have been an example of the type of houses people lived in, and put up a major wind machine and someone poured dust as the wind machine blew it towards the house. They were not able to keep out the dust that blew through the cracks of the house in windows, floorboards,battens on the sides of the house, or chimneys.
Well, I am still using my blankets to block some of the wind. My house is pretty well built, but wind is another thing altogether.
This weekend is The Fiber Extravaganza at Mt. Magazine. This will be fun. I just like to see folks and see what they are working on. I like the community part of it. It will be cold up there, so sweaters are to be dug out and carted along.
Tonight is Knit Night. Haven't been since before Thanksgiving. Gotta catch up on the news.
I started my first glove last night. I did a swatch, and used a calculator mentioned online that is great. It is a basic glove-nothing fancy. I just want to learn the basics, then I will get fancy. I am using some leftover handspun yarn. Nothing to show yet-just doing the 1/1 rib for the wrist. I told myself that I wanted to wait until I finished the neckwarmer. But I couldn't wait. I just had to cast on. Both are pretty mindless right now. I figured I would be finished with the scarf by the time I have to do something with the little finger part. So far it is just like doing a fingerless mitt. First you do the wrist and then you do the gusset for the thumb. I can do that. Then when the scarf is done, I will be doing the hard part on the glove.
At least that is the plan for right now. Who knows?
Gotta go. Will catch up after the event this weekend.

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