Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shiver Me Timbers, Matey!

Well, our first snow flurries this season. There was just a dusting on the front porch and deck. The sun keeps peeking out. So no more than that this time around. Thank you, Storm Gods, for diverting the storm around us.

But the wind! My goodness! My chimes and the big bell rang all night long. I heard something blow off the deck some time in the night. It is fierce!

My friend from southern California called me last night. They got sleet in the desert where she lives, but snow in the higher elevations around her. She thinks she might have saved the tomatoes and peppers, but still unsure. She says they never pay attention to the rain notices they get until it actually starts to fall.

I put out extra feed and suet this morning for my bird friends. I even smeared some peanut butter on the feeder and suet cage. The finches hit that early on.

Noodles went out in a hurry this morning, but has gone back to bed now. It is just too cold in the wind for much hunting.

I went to the Fiber Extravaganza down on Mt. Magazine this past weekend. I went with CJE and JE on Friday and we stayed overnight at the Lodge there. It was really a beautiful place. I did not get a single photo the whole weekend. Just shoot me now and get it over with.

After we explored the lodge a little, we found the restaurant. It was a little bit like being in the western states lodges with large timbers, expansive fireplaces, and huge open rooms. There were no dead animal heads anywhere, which is typical of Arkansas. I know-it's a state park, but I was watching for dead animal heads somewhere.

There were a good number of vendors there. Some were from Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. I told myself to not buy any more sock yarn-my basket is overflowing. But no! I bought sock yarn. I did not buy any fleece or spinning fibers. Whew!

We attended the lecture about Cowichan knitting presented by Susan Burdan. That was interesting.

With just a little hiccough on the way home-JE lost her wallet-and a return to the mountain for the wallet, we arrived home by dark on Saturday evening.

I watched a documentary about a nomadic herds people in the Zagros Mountains. They filmed the migration from their winter valley across the mountain passes and rivers to their summer valley. It is a very harsh and dangerous migration, and it is certainly not something I would do in this lifetime. It went slowly and it took them 5-6 weeks to get there. They did not lose any people on this migration and just a few animals. They are much tougher than I could be-that's for sure.

I guess nothing else to report. I am now to the pinky finger on my first glove. I have been working on the Lifetime Blanket a lot. It is really warm when I spread it across my lap as I knit.

Stay warm. Keep busy. That's all the advice I have on cold days!

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