Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Okay-it is now September 2, 2009. I woke up in the night and heard rain. Drats! I rolled over and when I woke up again, it is pouring rain. There is a little bit of thunder, but mostly just rain. I luckily mowed the big mowing last night, but did not get the trim work, rocky areas, or driveway mowed. But I was cold this morning. Is that weird? On Sept. 2, I put on a long pair of knit pants (lightweight, mind you), and then I ended up putting on a light flannel shirt over my t-shirt. I eventually hunted around in the closet to get my fuzzy slippers out. I kept telling myself, "This is wrong. This is dumb. This cannot be right." But I haven't put on lighter clothes yet.

I put out fresh sugar water for the hummingbirds. They are desperately trying to get enough fuel for the trek south. I haven't been seeing as many at the feeder as usual. And I haven't seen as much fighting territorially over the feeder as usual. So I think the migration is looming.

The finches are squabbling over the few remaining sunflower seeds. They have the prettiest voices. I love to listen to them chirpling and talking and fussing.

Yesterday I was in the mood to do some of the Fall yard work to get ready for the end of the season. I never got around to it, and now I wonder if I will be able to plant any shrubs in time. I usually plant shrubs and trees in September. That gives them enough warmth and energy to put down good roots. I am not sure this year.

Surely this is just an aberration of the weather, and we will have our usual hot September.

Noodles has been on a killing spree. Two birds and one rat. So far. He was so proud to bring me breakfast yesterday. Thank God he does not jump on the bed with it. He just dropped it next to my bed where I will step on it when I put my feet out to the floor. YUCK!

I am supposed to have company this weekend. I have been trying to pick up and straighten up and vacuum, etc. I always wait until the day before arrival to clean the bathrooms. I don't know why that is, but that is just me. I walked into the knitting room yesterday, and both chairs are covered with knitting. I guess I will put that away when I have to. I want to start some bread dough Friday to bake bread. I hope the weather is more cooperative.

I bought the stuff to make some soup this weekend. Isn't that weird? Soup in September!

The county fair is this week. Our spinning group is scheduled to demonstrate on Saturday. I can't go since I have company. The big arts/crafts fairs start this weekend too. Sigh! I guess time just keeps moving on. Pretty soon we will be talking about the holidays.

I am going to go make me some hot chocolate. Have a safe holiday this weekend.

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