Saturday, September 19, 2009

Loom Lust

Well, today CJE and JE and I went to the loom's home to "look it over". The weaver selling this monster loom has had multiple surgeries, and just had a total knee replacement. She also has a neuropathy in her R leg. So she is unable to manage a big ole 8 harness loom. By the time I helped FS down the few stairs to the loom room, I found CJE sitting on the bench, rubbing the beams, treadling, and I know what that means. It is a beautiful loom, practically brand new, and it is BIG. But CJE did have the sense to tell FS she will think on it, and will get back to her. Ha! I know what that means too.

I think it is quite extraordinary that one would need such a big ole loom. But I understand the excitement to explore, to experiment with multiple harnesses, and to push oneself to one's limit of sanity. It is a giant math puzzle, and CJE loves puzzles. We will see how long she can hold out.

Evidently last week when CJE got home one day, her mother-in-law had bought lock, stock, and barrel of one of her friend's alpaca fleeces. It sounded like this is enough fleece to spin on for the rest of one's life, if one only wanted to spin alpaca and nothing else. She has no clue what it is going to be like in Taos when we get there. I have tried to warn her of the temptations, but we will see how it goes.

I started a stranded hat with a diamond pattern in it. I thought I would use some of the wool I had, but it is too small for the gauge. I did make a swatch in pattern with my yarn and it is no where near the gauge. So I bought some JoSharpe on sale at LYS the other night. It was a very small knit night until around 6:30 p.m. People started coming in, rain had started again, and I thought I should get home before dark. I don't see that well at night, and in the rain it is dangerous.

I got the braid and the border pattern completed during a film on Lifetime tonight about Georgia O'Keefe. She has always been one of my favorite women artists. I knew her life with Steigleitz was not the best, but Jeremy Irons played him very well in this film. He came across as egotistical, childish, and as his brother said in the film, a bully. I found Mabel Luhan charming in the film, but I think she was very avant garde for the late 1920's. They actually filmed this at Ghost Ranch, so the scenery was authentic.

I am almost finished with the body of the baby sweater. It actually looks like a sweater now, although I still need to pick and knit the sleeves. It will be big, but she will grow into it eventually. I will put a picture on when I finish it.

CJ knit a hat for her grandson, age 5. He picked out the yarn from her stash, and he drew a picture of what he wanted. He wanted eye holes knit in it so he could pull it down over his face. She said he wore it two days, and the third day he had a rash on his face. I think I have convinced her to wash all her handknits now before she gives it to the children. I am always leery of dyes and chemicals used in other countries without the controls needed to safeguard them. Good lesson learned.

Well, off to read a little bit before I go to sleep. Remember Tuesday is Equinox!

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