Tuesday, September 8, 2009

AHHH! Cozy Knitting!

Is everyone gone now? I can quit hiding and go back to being my usual adorable self?
After my company left on Sunday, I realized how tired I was. I had been pushing myself all weekend to make sure everyone had enough to eat and drink, and to clean up after cooking. I was not in my normal routine. I washed a load of clothes, including the sheets and towels, and cleaned up the kitchen. I putzed around and straightened up the mess. I tried to lay down and read a while, but I was not able to concentrate. So I do like any other normal person would do, I pick up my knitting. I turn to comfort knit or cozy knitting. I started a plain jane old Eliz. Zimmerman round hat. I am knitting it in luscious, yummy yarn, and it knits up fast. Plain old, non-fancy knitting to soothe the nerves. I calmed down in just a few minutes. Enough calm-down that getting up to take the clothes out of the dryer did not bother me. I didn't even bother to eat a real meal. I just fixed a cup of tea, ate a sandwich, and then continued on my little hat.

Yesterday another friend stopped by to visit on her way back home after her Labor Day trip. That was very nice to see her. She and her grown-up daughter were on an outing together, and obviously enjoying themselves. My neighbors returned home yesterday, also, from their week-long RV outing. So I guess things can get back to normal.

After I settled down last night, I was able to actually finish the stranded work on my fingerless mitt, and get to the gusset increase. But then I picked up the little hat. I am ready to decrease that. Should be finished tonight, if I get all my errands done in time.

"Mom, do you think my butt looks too wide lying on this chair like this?"

And yes, you can tell he has Bengal in him from this photo. When he is relaxed, I can really tell how big he is. This is the first time he left my side after the company left on Sunday. Baby wanted to sit in my lap, and he just wanted to be close by.

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