Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Times-They are A-Changing

First I present my three finished objects.
First the fraternal twins-Fingerless mitts. I used two different sock yarns to create the stranded work, but the body of the mitts is the same type of yarn. The balls just unwound with a different colorway. Second-A pretty little plain ole hat. This is an Araucania wool, alpaca, silk blend. Very soft, very easy to knit, but stretches a bit and bleeds. I love the feel of this yarn. This was knitted with the EZ hat that I consider Mac 'n Cheese knitting.
And lastly, a little baby hat. I used two strands of sock yarn on a size 7 needle. Very fast, very easy, very simple.

It isn't just that the calendar says September 15, but the signs are pointing to change. The light is changing rapidly. It is dark, dark, dark by 8 p.m. It has been cloudy and rainy for a week, so the cloudy dark days are depressing already. I saw a huge group of geese at a local pond the other day, grazing on the seeds in the field. The boneset is blooming. I haven't seen as much goldenrod as normal, but it is blooming wherever it is. Some of my songbirds have already migrated. The leaves are starting to turn colors. So far it is a muted, softer, gray-green with some gold and brownish colors mixed in. The sumac is red. I saw a maple tree in town the other day that had the tippy top leaves red. The chill is there in the mornings, but not uncomfortable. It just makes eating breakfast outside pleasant. The cats are killing more rodents than birds. I have seen a few more spider webs in the corners that I have to route out. I saw the orb spider's web the other day. And I saw the flying webs of the parachuting type of spider. You know the kind of web that is hanging from a limb really high and the web is floating in the air. And the one true sign-aching joints.
So I have a few more plans for the knitting projects, but for the most part I am not inspired to do anything too crazy. I am plugging away on the Surprise Jacket right now. I just put a new block on the LifeTime Blanket. I am weaving on my scarf. And I am spinning the yak/merino yarn. I thought of a design for a quilt top that I would like to start. But nothing grand.
I did a presentation at the weaving guild's meeting last Saturday. My friend CF came into town on Friday, and she went with me to that. She is a good sport to do that, since she is a potter first and a knitter second. But she said she enjoyed it. A good friend indeed.
CJE and JE came over to my house for our Sunday get-together. We had a good time. I did not do any knitting, just visiting. I am finding that if I have company, I spend my time chatting, cooking, eating, drinking, and all that stuff. I only enjoy doing my fiber work alone and when I am the most creative. I do knit in public when I am waiting at a restaurant, or at meetings.
CJE is thinking about an 8 harness loom with the ability to add 4 more. Why? Don't ask. She just wants it. I am really happy with my little 4 harness, and it suits my needs just fine. But I will support her effort to have a "big girl loom".
I baked some beans the other day. I was going to make cornbread, but opted for biscuits instead. See-another change. Beans and cornbread or beans and biscuits. No more salads. I put apple butter on the biscuits. Yum!
So prior to hibernating for the winter, it is the Taos Wool Festival. Then home again to hibernate for the winter. I have enough wool to last several winters, but I betcha I'll bring some home with me. I'll see. I am trying to be good, but it is hard. I want to get some more dyestuffs, and that's all I really have planned. I just want to be around "my kind of people". I like to soak up the energy, and talk fiber stuff, and talk about knitting patterns, and actually have people around me who care about this stuff.
Well, enough chattering. Off to fix a little sandwich, and maybe then a little bit weaving. I downloaded an audible book from NetLibrary yesterday. I like to listen to books while I spin. Have a good week. Enjoy the cooler weather.
I need to finish the yard work, but I can't seem to get around this weather.

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