Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Check List

My friend called from the Kansas/Oklahoma border. They are on the road.
*go to grocery-done that
*sorta kinda straighten house-done that
*clean linens on guest bed-done that
*vacuumed-done that
*cleaned the bathrooms-done that
*put away knitting projects lying around-only one put away
*make a path through spinning/fiber room-done that
*aired out house-done that
*swept kitchen floor-done that

I have also cut up cucumbers and onions to make the marinaded salad in vinegar and syrup. The syrup is cooling.
I have taken the casserole out of freezer and put in refrigerator.
I went to produce stand to get fruit, and they had just taken some bran rolls out of oven. So now I do not have to cook bread.
I do want to make some brownies, but may not have time. Will pull out cookies from freezer just in case.

Yes, I do not get company that often. My friends do overnights, but not company. I don't do all this for just an overnight visit.

Gotta go. Must try to get a few things done yet. Have a good weekend.

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