Monday, August 31, 2009

Brrr! It's Chilly-For August!

Yesterday SSK (Sunday Sock Knitters) met at the LYS. We had yummy food, and everyone was excited. The packages from our sock buddies was amazing. I got some beautiful Swiss yarn, chocolate, and this toy for the kitties. Noodles "killed" it this morning. It looks like a real mouse, except for the tag hanging off it's leg.

The weather is definitely cooler. It has been in the 50's at night. It is downright cool in the mornings when I wake up. My gauge of what the weather is doing is watching the cats. Noodles went galloping through the house twice in the night. He chirples as he runs. He is a 17 pounder, and it is very loud when he runs. Baby likes to slide on the kitchen floor. Right now her toy du jour is a plastic ring from a milk container. They skitter across the floor very easily without too much effort. They are definitely hunting more, too. Noodles has gotten two birds in two days and left remains for me to clean up.

I have been thinking more of warm food. I am not in a salad kind of mood lately. I haven't eaten watermelon in at least a week. Bread is coming to my mind lately. I had my first hot chocolate since Spring the other night.

So don't be a pooper and tell me that we have one more month of hot weather coming up. This is the strangest August I can remember in a long time. We have had rain and cool weather instead of burn bans, drought, and 100's+ temps with 100% humidity. I will just be happy to not mow so much during the month of September. The rain in August has been awful for mowing.

Company is coming the holiday weekend. So this week will be busy getting the house straight and clean sheets on the guest bed. I need to move things around a little bit. I also will probably cook some food ahead and freeze it.

CJE, JE, and I are getting a little bit excited about our trip to Taos. We leave on the 30th and return on the 6th. I am trying really hard to not spend any money on fiber items until then. I know what it is like there, and I am really excited about it. It will be fun to see the excitement of my traveling buddies as they see the shops and yarns and fibers. Taos is a wonderful place to go this time of year. It is before the snow season and past the hot summer season.

CJE is going to New Hampshire for a workshop this week. She has already planned a side trip to Green Mountain Spinnery. She was asking me yesterday what she should look for there. I suggested she take a tour of the spinnery, and just meet the people there. She will find that really fascinating. She will, of course, fall in love with the yarn, the colors, etc.

So a busy weekend ahead. I may not have time to chat so much next post. But I will try to catch up before the weekend come.

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