Sunday, August 16, 2009

Am I Weird or Are You Weird?

This is what I did today. I finished the blocks for the quilt. I laid them out on the floor, walked away twice, rearranged them, and now I have begun sewing them into rows. Then I sew the rows together and viola! a quilt top is born. I went to my friend SH's daughter's baby shower yesterday. Okay, I am sorry, but am I weird or are they weird? I live under the impression that everyone knits, or sews, or cooks, or something. But my little gifts were the only handmade gifts she got! Isn't that strange? I thought so. And it was so embarrassing when everyone made a big deal out of it, and then RH had to tell everyone about how she still has the baby clothes I made her when she was born. I told her that I have another sweater on the needles, and I would get it to her soon. I also want to make a coupla little hats. But now, I guess I am going to have to think of a blanket. She got tons of store-bought blankets. SH will make this baby a lot of quilts as she has her own kids. But no knitty blanket. Sigh! And I overheard this comment about some baby lotion, "I got that for you because I heard the lavender makes the baby sleepy." Well, duh!, lavender is an herb that has been used to calm everyone since forever. I am sorry to vent, but I felt a little bit out of place at this shower. Everyone was dolled up and oohing and aahing and smiling and giggling. Oh, well, I will get the sweater and hats to her soon.

I am not knitting at all lately. I have been doing catch-up in the yard in the early mornings, and I have been putting up stuff in the freezer. I bought some local apples the other day. I was going to make some applesauce, but my girlfriend today said, "Just dehydrate them for snacks." Good plan. That goes on tomorrow's list of things I gotta do.

CF came to visit Friday, and we went to Siloam Springs to visit a friend that is in a nursing home to get rehab for a shattered hip. His heart is too bad for any surgery, and it was shattered too badly to repair. Then we stopped at the produce stand on the way home. It was a good visit, and we both had a day off from doing any work-like stuff.

I promised a picture of the new loom. Here's my little helper-kitty.

And here's the loom Isn't it cute? I think so. It is a table loom on a floor stand. It has never been used. It is no longer in production, either, since Louet has upgraded this model into a better one. I cannot get the optional treadle kit, but I don't care. This is not going to be a production loom anyway. I just wanted to have it to piddle around and make some small items. Like maybe a baby blanket.

This is a view from the doorway into my knitting and weaving room. Two comfy chairs for knitting, a t.v. and bookcases. What more does one need? Oh- and cat toys all over the floor!

So on to a new week. Have a good one. I am going to continue sewing up the quilt top.

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