Monday, August 24, 2009

Wow! Beautiful Weather!

It has been wonderful and cool pre-Fall weather! I cannot believe it is August. It has been in the 50's at night, and I actually got a little chilled during the night. The early mornings are delightful.

I have been working hard on the red,blue, and black yarn. I finished another skein. There was still a little bit of the batts left, and I finished that last night. I wound it onto a ball winder so I can ply it this morning. So what did I do with the ball last night? I cannot find it anywhere. Sigh! This is bizarre.

I started washing the bison yesterday. I decided since there is such a low humidity, this was the perfect time to wash woolly stuff. I picked the best stuff out. This means the stuff with the least amount of straw and burs and mudballs. These boogers really did wallow a lot. I washed two lingerie bags in my outside washer. Now I am busy picking out the next best batch. It is tedious, but it is so worth it in the long run.

My friend OS lost her mother this past week. She had made the committment to care for her mother in her home, and her mother died there. I got a tearful, long phone call that her mother was dying. I got an email later that her mother had passed a coupla hours after our call. Her mother was one of the oldest female veterans. Another generation has been lost.

Our library now has a connection to the Net.library. I went into the library and signed up for that. Now I can download an audiobook to my computer or to my IPod. When it is time, the book disappears from my computer and thus it is "returned". I like to listen to audiobooks while I spin.

Nothing else new. Our sock club meets next Sunday. I am still knitting on my usual stuff, but rather erratically. I am not in the knitting mood right now. My friend GK in Kansas has taken classes in using double points. She has called me several time to ask questions. I am happy to help, but I hope she understands what I am telling her. It seems easier to show someone how to correct the technique, rather than tell them over the phone long distance.

I ordered some yarn to make some kitchen towels on the loom. More update on that at a later date.

Have a good week.

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