Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Happened?

I went onto my blog to check on what I had last written. I couldn't remember when I last wrote. For some reason the paragraphs are out of sequence. It is bizarre! Nothing makes sense. I promise I did not write them like that!

I have been working in the LYS this week. Joy and Colleen are in Chicago on business, and S.J. and I are holding down the fort. I worked on my mitred blankie a little bit Monday and Tuesday. Today I decided to work on the sock.

I am going to my brother's house this weekend, and I thought about turning the heel before I head down there. That way I will be working on the foot, and it will not require major counting. But then I got worried as I was heading to work this a.m., "What if I finish the sock, or what if I get bored?" I really don't have another small project that is portable. So I thought of two different things. Now I have to organize tonight for that.

I feel much better also for donating some stash stuff to S.J. for the Teen Knitting Club. They meet at the library, and she told me they were running out of beginner yarns, and just some in between yarns. So I gave her some in between stuff, and some good stuff for the more experienced knitters. Whew! That lightened the load!

Also a lady came in today to buy a gift for a friend. She says she gets a rash if she touches wool, so I handled all the yarn, making suggestions, and holding it up to natural light. In the conversation, she mentioned another friend who has llamas, and they throw out the fleece when they shear!! Can you believe it?!?! So I gave her my business card, and told her I would give it to the spinning guild as a donation if they are looking for a home for this stuff next time!

I had a package today in the mail. Was I excited! One of my girlfriends sent me leftovers on her sock yarn! Six more little wads for my blankie!!

I am crocheting the border on the Lizard Ridge. I will not show a picture until it is washed and blocked. It looks awful right now.

Well, it may be a little while until I write. I am going to my brother's and I won't be back until Sunday evening. Good knitting, good spinning, good fun until I talk to you again!

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