Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday-Even If It's Early!

I have read in so many places now that the reason we have Easter so early is the lunar placement. Evidently Easter is the first Sunday after the Full Moon that comes after Spring Equinox. Okay! But then there is that question that there really isn't an equal day and night thing with Equinox. It is actually the moment that the Sun is equally on the equator.

So anyway, we have had warmish days, very windy, and sunshine. A cold front is moving through tonight, and there is a hint of a slight chance of rain or frozen mixture on Sunday morning. Of course there is colder weather. It's Easter. I've talked about that phenomenon before.

My neighbor told me he had put in salad greens in his garden. I am still procrastinating. Last year I had a little scare with that cold snap that hurt the trees so much. But I have started eating salads again and lighter food. That's always a start.

So for others who have asked me, I finally joined Ravelry. I haven't gotten excited about that yet. I know everyone is psyched, but I haven't gotten there yet. It just seems like a lot of work that isn't really necessary. I know exactly what my stash is and my needles. So that won't be put on there. I did enter my three projects today. I don't have a Flicker account, so no pics are posted. If you want to visit me, I am cozyknitting. How original, huh? Thought that was simpler.

Have a safe and blessed Easter weekend. I hope Spring finally comes for all my knit sibs in the northern part of the U.S.

Everyone has been raving about Greenies-for kitties. It is a snack treat that is supposed to help with tartar buildup. Well, I finally got my free sample in the mail today. Noodles will eat anything and thought it was great that Mom brought him a treat. He sucked them down with maybe two chews each. Baby, the finicky eater, licked hers and walked away. I held it for her to lick again, and finally got her to eat two pieces-reluctantly. He scarfed down her leftovers. So much for the experimently treat. Baby has bad breath when she drools. I don't notice it except then. Maybe it's a hormone thing in the mouth. So I guess we won't be treating that with Greenies.

I finished the 12th block!!!!! I have it drying after the steam blocking.!!!!! Now to put it together.

My girlfriend SH is becoming the sock machine. She has been sold on Jitterbug. She absolutely, positively LOVES IT!! She keeps knitting one sock to see what the yarn will look like. Now she is going back and finishing her second socks. She has one that I would say is cardinal(the bird, not the guy) red. But it is a semi-solid, and the shadings are very subtle.

I am still working on sock #2 of the Bamboo. I love the yarn. It is so very soft, and will make a great pair of lightweight socks. I never really count socks as a project. I always have a sock knitting because of the portability and practical nature of socks. So when someone asked me about my projects, I mentioned the Lizard Ridge and the mitre afghan. And then as an afterthought, the socks.

I have some new ideas to decorate my gourds. I am really sure this will be a summer-time project for me. I found out about some dyes made specifically for gourds, and do not streak like the leather dyes or shoe polish does. I sand them and clean them outside. So it will be a while for that project.

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