Friday, March 7, 2008

Let's Try This Again!

Okay! So what happened to the text last night?

I am in a new habit now of listening to audio books instead of watching TV. I don't have to tell anyone that there is nothing on TV. I have been knitting at night with the TV for audio mostly instead of visual. So this was a logical step for me. I have been listening to podcasts also.

So last night I settled down with my mitre blankie and turned on Weave Cast. It is wonderful! Last night Syne Mitchell interviewed Marje Thompson, a weaver and historian, on historical Colonial weaving. It was good to get the myths out of our system. She puts it in a truly remarkable no-frills, just the facts way that makes sense to most of us who have been a weaver or who are weavers. I was intrigued with the reference to Complex Weavers, a study group organized by Marje Thompson. I went onto the web page and there are so many study groups that one could just get lost. I tried to do some historical research pre-Internet, and it was not possible to get very far with my limited sources. But now-well, the sky's the limit!

I am happy to report that CP and TR have entered the mitre blankie challenge. Of course, the only challenge is to oneself. This is a lifetime challenge to finish the damn thing. CP will finish hers pretty fast. She is doing a square and then will put a border around it. And it is about half the size of mine. TR is putting hers on point like mine, and it hasn't been determined yet how wide it will be. We'll see. Anyway, it is a fun thing that can be picked up at random, and a coupla little squares can be added on and put back down for a while. I love the random-ness of the colors, and how it looks good no matter what yarn you grab out of the pile.

I finished number 9 of the Lizard Ridge, and number 10 is on the needles. I will take a picture when number 10 is finished. I was in the LYS yesterday, and Colleen tells me a lady in our class has almost finished her entire blanket-24 blocks. That's a lot of knittin'. I am sticking to 12.

So here's hoping this text goes through. As you can see from last night's photos- Keep Your Nose Covered!

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itsjustmeghan said...

thanks for the compost advice!!! i love your blue fiber you dyed and spun. so pretty and even! i'm very jealous of your spinning skills!!