Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thank You Blogspot For the Pics!

Well, it appears blogspot is now working pics again. I got this downloaded without delay today.

The color is not vibrant in the picture, but you get the idea. It is actually a bright, clear yellow, but the flash kinda washed that out. It came out a little bit slubby and thicker than I really wanted it to be. So less yardage than the other merino roving I bought. But it still pretty. I give it a B+ grade. It is washed, blocked and ready to go.

Last night we had our Monday Night Knit Group. I went in earlier than I normally do after running errands. So TR, Joy and I sat in the front room and chatted. It appears a lot of folks are sick with the upper respiratory thing going around. JF came in to discuss a pattern with Joy and we all just discussed our work and stuff.

A few more folks wandered in and JF went with them to another room, but TR and I stayed in our spots. She is working on her mitre blankie, and is progressing. I pulled the end out of my ball of yarn that I am knitting my sock, and she knit a square while I was knitting my sock. Kinda fun! I will take some of my yarns to share with her next week. We discussed colors that we would like to have in our blankies. So I have an idea what she might want.

The weather is again nice. There is still that coolness underneath everything from the wind. It is a reminder that it is only March. Just because the stupid people made us mess up our time frames, and just because Easter is early, don't forget it is only March. It is really hard to not want to wash all the blankets one last time, but I know this is only an illusion. I actually opened the tiny hallway window the other night so I could hear the foxes running on the creek below. It won't be that much longer. But illusions are tough. They can fool ya!

Here is another illusion. The elusive Angler Kitty-Fish hiding in her cave-waiting for her prey to come near her. She is ready to pounce on anything.

And she jumps....... out of her hiding place..... grabbing her prey that she has been waiting to come near her. She grabs it and scores!

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