Friday, March 14, 2008

The Beginning of Spring Storms!

We have had a series of storms marching this way. Yesterday about 5 p.m. the first storm blew in from the West. It was worse south of here with hail and storms. But we only got wind and rain. Tonight about the same time there is another storm coming in. The weather people are afraid there is greater chance of tornado-like weather with this one. Then another one marches through Monday evening into Tuesday morning. This is our typical storm season reports. It is like this every year. Tornadoes are always a threat. I have lived through 3 tornadoes, and I guess the only advise is be aware at all times where the danger is. Never take the weather for granted. Pay attention to the signs around you.

Above you will see numbers 9 and 10 of Lizard Ridge. I have number 11 on the needles and I am about half-way done. Whew! I am getting excited now! I can't wait to get this sucker done and finished. I still have a long ways to go, but it is getting closer.

I started spinning the black and white alpaca. Love it! It is so pretty. I am glad I got this colorway. I think it opens some new ideas for me.

I have been listening to Weave Cast again. I love that podcast. It is really my favorite one. She interviews the most interesting people. Yesterday I listened to an interview with a muskox wrangler and they talked about quiviut. She even was able to get one of the males to vocalize, and it sounded just like a tiger growling. You would never realize that was an herbivore instead of a carnivore. I wouldn't come out of my tent for nothing if I heard that out there. She interviewed a wonderful native Alaskan woman about her weaving with cedar bark.

Then last night I listened to a show about Scottish weaving. I am just amazed the things people are doing now. At the end of this show she talked about her class she took in twills and tartan weaving. The teacher gave her the pattern for Mitchell clan, and it suddenly dawned on her she was weaving her family history. She was weaving something that perhaps some ancester had also woven. It was really interesting. I looked up the Rutherford tartan, and could only find it in one reference. My maternal grandmother was a Rutherford. It is something to think about. Another family link in the chain.

I am making baked polenta, and I have to watch the corn cook. Later.

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