Sunday, March 30, 2008

Home Again!

This is a little elephant that a customer made at the LYS. She gave me permission to photo it. Isn't it darling? She is on her third one. They are made of Blue Sky Cotton. Boo-ti-ful!

HERE IT IS!!!!!!!

While blocked it was 49 inches by 32 inches. A good size for a lap afghan. Isn't it pretty?! : ) I started it September 8, 2007 and finished March 27,2008. I also used the Kureyon for the border to give a variegated border instead of the recommended border. I like it. Oh-and the big thing I didn't like was the "feel" of the Kureyon. I soaked this overnight in Orvus and lanolin with some lavender oil thrown in. It is much, much softer. So whatever Noro does to the yarn washed off. It is softer and drapes much nicer.

I am emotionally washed out with the two days with the family. It wears me out. I actually left yesterday around 4 p.m. and got home tired and stinky. My brother and his wife smoke, and it is such a pain to deal with that. I showered with lots of suds, and scrubbed my hair clean. I could easily have finished my sock, but I didn't want it to stink. So I kept sticking it back into my bag. I ended up reading more than knitting.

It was extremely pretty driving there. Once I left the mountains and hit the interstate, there were redbuds blooming along the roadside. Then I noticed more and more flowers. In my brother's yard, everything is blooming. Even the azaleas were starting to bloom! I noticed dogwoods blooming in town, but nothing yet out in the country where they live. Thursday the temperature was 78 degrees!

Driving home there was drizzle and grey skies. By the time I got to the mountains, there was fog in the elevations. I took a back road part of the way home, and once I went down into the valley near the creek, the fog had lifted. The dirt roads were all wet and slick, but were manageable. There were places that had washed out from the last big rain, but not as bad as I have seen it in the past.

I had to clean up all the kitty presents left around. It is a real treasure hunt to find them all. There was one big pile of grassy throw-up. That one was easy. Then there were the body parts. Some unrecognizable, except furry, grey, rodent (probably).

I woke up this morning with two fur bodies pressed against each side of my body. So I guess things are back to normal around here.

I am spinning my black and white alpaca. I am behind in the spinning department. Oh, well, I am the only one that sets deadlines, and I try to keep myself on task. But I am behind schedule.

I also am in the mood to sew. So...... get back to work, you fool! Later.

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